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Uhhoh. If you’ve got yourself an Apple TV and have yet to update your beloved entertainment box to the latest and greatest Apple TV Software 6.0 update, consider yourself lucky. Since its release just under one week ago, reports that the update has rendered users’ Apple TV useless have flooded the internet, requiring users connect their Apple TV to their computer, boot into DFU mode, and do a complete system reset in a lengthy, unfamiliar process.

Though not everyone was affected by the issue – our personal Apple TVs have survived the update just fine on my campus – Apple has removed Apple TV Software 6.0 for the time being. Though Apple has yet to officially respond to the apparent bugs, the removal likely comes as a safeguard to stop further devices from being affected until they can find and kill the offending glitch.

If you’ve got an Apple TV that has been bricked by Software 6.0, you can follow the instructions here to restore your Apple TV to a usable state. Though those instructions were originally written for Software 5.1.1, the instructions remain the same.

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