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Jawbone UP users now won’t only be able to track their own exercise and rest cycles. They’ll also be able to track their driving activity and physical activity on the same timeline.

Jawbone is partnering  Automatic, which makes a smart driving assistant that connects your car and smartphone wirelessly to provide feedback on driving, car health and a log of trips.  Automatic’s  driving data will now be incorporated into the UP app for both iOS and Android.  Jawbone UP users will be able to see how much time they spent in the car, giving them more insight into their health as it relates to driving, for example, more time spent in their car may be the reason they’re missing their target steps for the day.

The partnership came about after Automatic participated in a Hackathon put on by Jawbone and the Clinton Foundation.  A prototype version of the app was built at the Clinton Foundation’s Code4Health Hackathon in Palm Springs, CA.  A team of four built “Walkoff,” a connection between Automatic and Jawbone Up that displays how health and driving are connected. The judges, including Chelsea Clinton, awarded the team first place.

“This is an exciting integration for us because it was developed at one of our Codeathon events in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, Tumblr, and Ace Hotel,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “It demonstrates the ability of our app to easily connect and exchange information with a wide range of other apps and services that complement your UP experience. By integrating with Automatic, the UP community can better understand how the moments spent in the car might impact their health.”


Driving data from Automatic is synced automatically with the Jawbone Up app.  Users can also see their walking and driving compiled in one place and see the impact that walking to work once a week, for example, has on your fitness.  Because Jawbone Up also tracks your mood and diet, the integration of Automatic’s driving data may even prevent road rage by telling you which routes make you happiest.  You can also share Automatic trip summaries with other Jawbone UP users.

This is the latest move by Jawbone to integrate data between different devices on the internet of things.  Last week, Jawbone partnered with Whistle Labs to incorporate its connected dog data into the Up app.  The partnership with Automatic especially makes sense for people that may not realize how much time they spend in the car.  Automatic has also been building partnerships with other companies, specifically it teamed up with IFTTT (if this than that) to create connections between triggers and actions on the Internet.

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