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Technology monolith Google has decided to begin selling its highly-discussed wearable technology, Google Glass, to the public. That’s right, if you live in the United States, have $1,500 to spend and the desire to attach technology to your face, you too can join the Google Glass Explorer beta program.

You can do so here.

As part of this announcement, Google cut together a rather lengthy thank you video for its first round of Explorers who were willing to invest in the product. You can see that below.

In the announcement post on Google Plus, the company stated that they’re “ready to keep meeting new Explorers” and “can’t wait to hear” about all the new experiences new beta registrants will have.

The next step in the life of Google Glass is, naturally, a price drop. Now, Google has yet to say or even indicate the likelihood of a price reduction, but given the nature of technology and its ability to get cheaper over the years, as well as Google investing in larger manufacturing quantities of Glass, it seems all but inevitable that the device would hit below the $1,500 mark in the future.

If you plan to take the Google Glass leap, sound off in the comments and tell us why.


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