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The advent of technology has certainly made our lives better. Family and friends get connected, no matter how many miles apart they are from each other. Lots of lives have been saved due to the advancement of medicine. We can go to places conveniently. Communication has never been easier, who would have thought talking to someone at the opposite side of the globe is possible nowadays? There’s no limit when it comes to the wonder that technology brings.

On the negative side, should we worry that technology will overrule us and that robots and machines will replace humans? Robots are now widely used in several fields. Some companies find it even more cost-efficient to use robots rather than hire humans.

Should this be the reason for us to pack our bags and migrate to Mars or somewhere away from technology and machines? The human species have always been striving to survive. We’re still the most superior race and we can rise above machines and robots. Follow these tips if you want to succeed in a more automated workplace:

Equip Yourself with Skills to Make You Indispensable at Work

All of us are replaceable. At one point, someone younger, more intelligent, and with more skills will pose a threat to replace us in our current job. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you invest in yourself.

Don’t just do your tasks, but do them the best way that you can. Exceed your employer’s expectation by going beyond your duty. Make yourself valuable and indispensable that your boss would be scared to lose you.

Take note that having a degree nowadays is no longer enough. You are expected to know more things than what you studied at school. It is more important now to never stop learning and educating yourself. You may even consider enrolling in classes that will make you a multi-skilled individual.

Avoid Taking Obsolete Classes

There will come a time that robots and machines will eventually replace some human workforce. Some fields will be more affected than others. As scary as this fact is, we have to embrace it and prepare ourselves so that we won’t get smashed when that time comes.

It is forecasted that 75% of traffic by 2040 will be with driverless cars. With this being said, lots of worker on the transportation field are at risk of losing their job. They may become obsolete as time will come that cars won’t need drivers anymore.

Innovation and change are inevitable. Instead of fighting against it, prepare yourself for it. You don’t want to waste your time and money on something that will eventually become obsolete.

Never Lose Your Human Touch

What sets us apart from robots and machines is that humans have empathy and affection. A robot may have the skills to take your temperature and even assist in an operation, however it is not capable of asking how you feel or making you feel comfortable.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a skill that you have to master. A person that has high EI will go a long way on his career since he has higher empathy, responsiveness, and self-awareness. The demand for people skill will still be high, regardless of how advanced the technology is. Most of us would still want to deal with someone that is warm, friendly, and high-spirited. Only humans are capable of that.

Develop Critical Thinking

Having critical and creative thinking skills are invaluable and something your employers seek. When you have critical thinking, you look at a problem from different angles and gather data necessary to find a solution. People with critical thinking often end up solving problems unexpectedly. Problem solving and decision making are skills that only a human can master.

By mastering your creative thinking, you open yourself to many possibilities. Having an innovative and creative mind can pave ways to new ideas–ideas that will make your workplace even better and more productive. Because they are capable of making new concepts or ideas, they become indispensable.

Learn How to Adapt

Let’s face it. We can’t run away from change and innovation. Whether you like it or not, change is happening and it will continue to happen. If we don’t embrace it, it will make our lives worse. Don’t treat technology as if it’s your biggest nemesis. Instead, make use of technology to your advantage. For example, if you work within a finance department, there is procure to pay software that will do a lot of the work for you. Though this can give the department less work, it gives the employees the opportunity to learn different skills.

Learn how to adapt and live with technology. Learning computer skills are now a necessity. There are a lot of software and technology that you can use to make you more efficient and productive at work. By using automation tools like inventory software, you free yourself from trivial tasks such as data gathering and entering and focus on your time and energy on more important aspects of your job.

The advancement of machines and technology may pose a risk when it comes to our job security, however if you continue to improve yourself and work on your skills and human connection, no number of machines or robots can replace you.

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