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We’re undoubtedly living in an age when people and societies are connected like never before. From Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, to SnapChat or Slack, we are interconnected with one another almost infinitely. The age of the internet and the rise of the smartphone lets us google the definition of a word in seconds, find out exactly where our friends are with the drop of a pin, or book an entire vacation getaway with the help of locals abroad.

One sector that is usually the focus on growth and innovation is the medical world, because what’s more important than our health and well-being? From wearables that can tell users their blood pressure and the amount of sleep they should get, to wellness apps that track daily steps or train users to run a 5K, the digital age has transformed the way we stay healthy.

Mosio is the perfect example of a company utilizing the digital age to add a new layer of interconnectedness to the medtech world. Mosio helps healthcare organizations and research teams communicate more efficiently with their patients or study participants using the most popular channel of communication today: text messaging. Now, Mosio is capitalizing on the newest technology making waves across every industry imaginable, the blockchain.

Using blockchain technology, Mosio recently announced the launch of Clinicoin, a “superapp” platform for healthcare. Clinicoin is the first blockchain platform focused on building a global health and wellness community. The platform gives users the necessary mobile tools to help them manage their lives and lead healthy lifestyles, and incentivizes these behaviors to make exercise, and mindfulness activities fun.

Using the blockchain, Clinicoin connects people, developers, and healthcare providers worldwide, aiming to improve global health, wellness, and research. So what exactly does Clinicoin do? The app rewards users via an open source platform, for engaging in healthy activities, such as going for that morning run or skipping Happy Hour drinks in favor of going to the gym instead. The reward comes in the form of Clinicoin’s in-app cryptocurrency, called CLIN.

The platform offers its users a variety of eye-catching features, such as the rewards engine mentioned above, which distributes CLIN tokens to members for completing healthy taks, or participating in medical research. Other features include secure messaging between users, organizations, and medical researches, a clear nod at Mosio the parent company behind Clinicoin; a health and wellness marketplace, where Clinicoin members can spend their earned tokens to access tools, content, products, or services; and educational tools that users can explore to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

While the idea behind Clinicoin is noteworthy, which is to create a universal and global wellness platform that could really help solve some of the pitfalls with healthcare worldwide, I’m not completely sold on why the platform needs to utilize the blockchain. Yes, the CLIN token reward process is a nice touch, but why not just use fiat to reward users? I know the obvious answer is that the blockchain provides a sense of security, immutability, and transparency other platforms cannot, but would the system look differently tomorrow if the SEC rules all cryptocurrencies illegal?

Nevertheless Clinicoin’s choice to leverage the blockchain is an exciting development in the medtech world, showing the viability of this new technology in changing how we live our lives. Clincioin is currently holding an ICO for the CLIN token, which will close at 6pm PDT on March 20, 2018.

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