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In a world moving toward cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we are seeing more and more companies adapting to the use of this technology in order to better serve users and the community. Who would have thought that blockchain technology would be applied in so many different ways – even to reward moms! Being a mom is a demanding job that requires 24 hour work days, no days off, an indefinite contract, and multiple skills like multi-tasking, coordination, and patience. The list goes on for the job description of being a mom, but its a job that  pays zero dollars an hour.

It’s crazy how many things a new mom has to learn: from changing diapers to decoding a baby’s crying, to creating an efficient morning routine – not to mention the action of giving birth! Only a fellow mom can really know what these experiences are like, and for a new mom, this knowledge is priceless., created a global social network and messenger app that gives moms the opportunity to reward each other for their mommy wisdom by interacting with one another on the platform and actually getting paid for it. is known as one of the most engaging mobile apps in the world in any category, with members spend an average of 60 minutes on the app every day, and are responsible for creating over 30,000 user posts per day. Users can discuss various topics, connect with moms who live in the same area, and access mini apps such as a pregnancy tracker, hospital packing lists, online doctors, and more.

The moms of award each other with “Bloom” tokens as a form of social gratitude for extraordinary content and emotional support, with one third of the active audience now being compensated for outstanding effort in content creation and helping other moms. Moms all over the world to earn income by simply offering invaluable expertise, thus serving an important population by helping moms in disadvantaged communities or developing economies to be financially independent. The platform uses blockchain technology to keep every transaction safe, fast and private. Any member regardless of blockchain knowledge can use their Bloom tokens on the platform or withdraw them into any other currency.’s Bloom token will launch officially in Spring 2018.

It’s interesting to see blockchain moving into a space with real-world use, and creating platforms that reward users for sharing knowledge with one another. It’s expected that 2018 will bring more of these platforms to host a decentralized free flowing economy. It’s not guaranteed that the platform will be able to sustain a stable, and strong income, but it can add some value to what moms are already doing.


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