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GlassDoor Names Facebook as the Best Place to Work

While sometimes replaceable, an enterprise’s workforce is truly its most important asset.  Without a strong, motivated, and weathered workforce, a company cannot survive.  For this reason, companies large and small often try to make their workplaces enjoyable and comfortable for their employees in hopes that a desirable workplace will lead to higher levels of innovation and productivity – and ultimately a greater success for the company.  In a sense this is a win-win for both the employer, who sees a higher return on investment, and the employee who can look forward to going to work each and every day.

GlassDoor is a site where employees come together to rate their employers and workplace environment in order to give potential job-seekers a better understanding of the culture behind a company.  Based on results from a recent survey, GlassDoor has recognized Facebook as the best large-scale employer to work for – beating other large and prestigious companies such as Google, which came in at number 30 in the survey.

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