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It is said that WIFI and mobiles are now right at the bottom of the human pyramid of needs and that Abraham Maslow will have to redraw the pyramid to accurately reflect the needs of humans today. These days when most children have mobile phones, how do you help keep your child out of harm’s way without making them seem like the odd one out who has no phone?

Apps like FamiSafe, developed by Wondershare, may shed some light on what the options are. Let’s start by exploring the features available on this parental control and monitoring app:

YouTube App Monitor:

The latest feature enables parents to monitor the YouTube app on the phone of their child remotely – and to monitor and restrict harmful categories of content. Of particular risk are things such as family violence, child suicide, the use of drugs or other forms of indecent abuse – every parents’ worst nightmare.

Remote PC login via web:

It is possible to use login credentials and access a mobile device from anywhere via the web. This allows for flexibility so that parents can be on the case and be informed no matter if they’re at work or at home.

How YouTube App control works on Android:

Let’s say a child accesses YouTube via the standard app on Android. The parent has the YouTube APP monitor installed. They can then do several things such as checking which videos the child watched, block videos or entire channels that may pose a threat, as well as to receive an alert by being connected to the YouTube account remotely and receiving keyword alerts. This “Check, Block and Alert” approach can be highly efficient.

The FamiSafe YouTube Content Detection on iOS:

Through “Connect, Detect and Alert”, it is possible to achieve the same outcome via an iPhone if your kids have one. Firstly, use the app to connect to the YouTube account of the child, and then you’re able to detect all the videos the child interacted with from their search history. You can discover what they liked, commented on and so forth. Keyword alerts can then be used to detect any risky signs.

Many more features to achieve additional information and control:

Let’s face it, the above is a good start, but one would want to do more. With FamiSafe, there is also live location tracking – and one can set alerts: for example, to be notified if the device leaves the school grounds or any demarcated area that was mapped out ahead of time. There is also an app blocker available that can prevent certain apps from functioning altogether, a photo detector to help pick up on any undesirable photos. Another interesting feature off course is the screen time indicator, showing how long and when your child was using the phone, which is rather useful to see if they stick to agreed usage limits if you have such an arrangement at all.

How pricey is it?

Actually, it does not seem expensive at all: For annual subscribers the price comes down to $4.99 per month, whereas for monthly subscribers it is $9.99 – with a quarterly option of $6.66. So it is really something that can be done for as low as $60 per year with an annual subscription.


Keeping a child out of harm’s way today is not an easy task, especially if one does not have the right technology. Yet with proper technology, the parent can be much more informed and better prepared in order to prevent a nasty surprise from disrupting family life or endangering a child. It is important to leverage all the features of the app you’d like to use, after all – obtaining the app is just the starting point. Using it properly comes down to a bit of education and exploration.

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