Welcome to Techiebytes episode 62 titled How to effectively manage your team during the Coronavirus pandemic (feat. Eyal Feldman)

Today I’m speaking with Eyal Feldman, co-founder & CEO of Stampli, a company that makes it easier and faster to get your invoices paid. We discuss how Stampli can benefit your business, how Eyal is managing his team during the Coronavirus outbreak, and why startups should focus on the mid-market before the enterprise. Enjoy!

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More about Eyal

Eyal Feldman, founder and CEO of Stampli, an AI-based platform that streamlines the accounts payable process and reduces the time spent chasing invoice approvals by 5X. Stampli, whose customers include Revolve, Purple Mattress, GrubHub and TechStars, processes more than $13B in invoices annually.

Eyal has had an interesting global tech path – from getting his MBA at Solvay Brussels to working at Colgate-Palmolive uniting all subsidiaries under one SAP ERP to building the Documentum business in Israel for Ness. He is now CEO of Stampli. He has a lot to say about a non-traditional path and some great advice.

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