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If you are studying for a psychology degree, finding the best apps will allow you to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the subject. There are many great, handy apps out there that can be downloaded straight to your cell phone. Best of all, most of these are free, meaning you can improve your education without spending a penny. Here are some of the best apps for psychology students.

1.      3D Brain

If you want to understand the deep complexities of the human brain, 3D Brain can help you to do so. This amazing app explores the 29 areas of the brain, describing their primary functions. It also examines some of the common brain disorders you may come across during your time in the profession and covers many case studies.

If you’re interested in the biology of the brain, this app is a great addition to your cellphone.

2.      Psych Guide

This is another free app that offers useful articles and great audio clips from leading professionals within the psychology field. If you want to learn more from great psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, then Psych Guide is a great starting point.

For great research articles when starting your degree, use Psych Guide.

3.      PsycTest Hero

This app can teach you so much before taking your final exam. If you are struggling to retain information and need a handy digital helper, PsycTest Hero is your new best friend and study buddy! Some of the major topics this app currently covers are:

  • Therapy
  • Personality
  • Research methods
  • Biological psychology
  • Psychological disorders

For an all-round app with lots of information, consider downloading PsycTest Hero.

4.      Insight Timer

Whether you choose to explore meditation for yourself or for the sake of your degree, Insight Timer can provide access to a myriad of meditation sessions. Here, you can discover podcasts and voice recordings of people discussing techniques that can aid with mental health issues. By using an app that your future patients may use, you can get into their heads and gain a deeper understanding of some of the ways in which meditation can help.

Meditation is a great skill for psychologists to understand, as well as practice.

5.      YouTube

While this may not be a psychology app, YouTube is a fountain of knowledge for anything you need to know. If you are stuck on a question or subject and want quick answers, YouTube will most likely have you covered. Be careful with what you are watching though, and be sure to only take notes from trusted and reputable channels. Below are some great recommendations for psychology students:

  • The Psych Show
  • BrainCraft
  • Crash Course Psychology
  • Russell Brand Under the Skin Podcasts

Many students find videos a helpful way to retain information. YouTube has thousands of helpful videos for those interested in or studying psychology.

6.      iCouch CBT

During your time studying psychology, you are likely to come across CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). iCouch CBT can teach you more about the subject and what it includes. Though this is for those requiring CBT therapy, it is a good app for gaining a better understanding of how those going through CBT may portray and deal with their emotions. 

CBT is a large part of many therapies and so those studying psychology need to have a great understanding of the subject.

7.      EPPP Flashcards

EPPP stands for Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. Flashcards can benefit learning in copious ways, and whether you use this app to make your own flashcards or use the flashcards provided, it’s a fantastic learning app. There are around 225 questions that cover many of the common psychology degree topics. Not only this, you can choose study modes for any areas that you are struggling with.

This flashcard app is fantastic for revision and inspiration.

8.      APA Journals

The APA (American Psychological Association) is an association that all psychology students need to know. If you are writing a paper and need references, this app is the place to go. When studying for a psychology degree online, apps such as these can provide a myriad of useful and informative journal articles that will allow you to produce the best work and impress your tutors.

Finding journal articles that are professional and from a valid source is key to writing great psychology pieces.

Using the apps available to you can help you throughout your degree and beyond. Always look for new ways of learning and improving your knowledge in psychology and you will get far in your career.

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