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The Chat App market has seen little movement in recent years. Well, that is about to change. Snatch App announced that Ravi Jacob, the former vice president and treasurer of the Intel Corporation is now the chairman of the company and the board. We will explain how this move is going to disrupt the chat app market with new innovation – delivering features that Whatsapp, Messenger and Viberr failed to deliver so far.

What is Snatch App?

Encryption, cybersecurity and privacy are issues business users have grappled with for years. Implementing proper chatbot technology such as clever AI bots struggled to materialize too. These are some of the most formidable features Snatch App have aimed to solve – rolling out globally as we speak. It is now providing a new generation, free and secure AI messaging and calling app  which is powered by a leading AI technology platform,  SnatchBot. Users will be able to do secure calls and messages with just about any media type: all encrypted end-to-end. Emoji’s, voice messages, video messages, live video and voice calls – all these media types are supported.

The points of differentiation go further:

As Avi BenEzra the CTO said: “We as a product development team, with top engineers, made sure that we can deliver points of differentiation to make Snatch App indispensable both business and private users. For this reason we included features such as forward and backward secrecy, message revocation, shredding, disappearing messages, payment and money transfer, a chatbot directory and acting as a channel for chatbots, with AI embedded and predictive capabilities.”

How a chatbot directory works:

Elaborating on the chatbot directory, BenEzra said: “The chatbot store that has long existed on the SnatchBot platform comes with predefined bots for just about any industry. People have already deployed these for omnichannel communication to run Whatsapp, Line, Viberr, Messenger, Skype and so forth. Now, it integrates with Snatch App, so that omnichannel communication can leverage the type of technology never seen before.” This means that business users can have customer interaction that is managed via bots and humans working alongside each other to drive down cost and scale up efficiency.

Security first:

BenEzra and his team delivered a solution that now gives military grade end-to-end encryption for all communication types.  It is considered a unique feature of Snatch App. It is said that the encryption strength makes use of a combination of the following:

  • 256-bit-symmetric AES encryption
  • 2048-bit RSA encryption and secure key exchange for every conversation.

Money transfers via chat apps:

Fintech and digital payments are constantly evolving as small vendors seek to escape high Paypal charges, looking for viable alternatives. This is perhaps one of the most innovative features: money transfers. Snatch App will facilitate this between users, with quick and easy payments globally.

A global chat app:

This is a truly global initiative as Snatch App already supports some 53 languages. It is available for all devices, including Windows Desktop and Android.

About Ravi Jacob the new chairman:

Ravi Jacob needs no introduction as a remarkable innovator in technology. He was the VP of Finance at the Intel Corporation and assistant treasurer for M&A. Ravi was one of few team members at Intel to have worked on revenue innovation streams that increased cash benefits by some $600M. Ravi told the press: “I am honored to join Snatch App and look forward to working with the other Board Members and the team in continuing to provide our users with exemplary messaging services as well as partnering with the communities for which we serve to do so.”

Henri Benezra, The CEO of the Snatch group of companies that includes Snatch App, is known to partner with top talent in every venture he undertakes. He said:

“Ravi’s background in management and finance makes him a perfect addition as chairman of the company. As the messaging industry adopts new innovative technologies to improve customer experience and privacy data, having someone with Ravi’s knowledge will really support Snatch App’s efforts to reach our goal.”

For users who want to test out the new app:

Snatch App has a very simple approach to acquire new users: they simply created a product with features that no other developer has been able to deliver to date.

Choose the most appropriate version of Snatch App based on your device:

Snatch App Web: https://web.Snatch

IOS version:

Android Version: App

Windows Dekstop: App/9nblggh526j6?cid=msft_web_chart&rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab

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