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Alexa, can you find my phone, call my best friend, check my emails and print my bank statement? Alexa, the cloud-based amazon device is turning your home into a smart home – a computer controlled environment working via voice command. Smart homes are intended to make our life easier and assist with personal wishes and desires. From shutting the blinds to irrigating the lawn these devices can do it all: buying and delivering groceries, checking credit card details, health records and private information. However, smart devices have one weakness: they can be hacked. All your personal information collected by smart home devices can be stolen, if the smart home is not protected properly.

HighIoT has set itself out on a mission to keep all connected smart homes safe from the onslaught of emerging risks, vulnerabilities, and increased hacker sophistication that threatens privacy, personal data, and security. HighIoT’s device, Akita, keeps smart homes secure using a behavior analytics approach. The device connects to a LAN port of a home WiFi router, and scans the wireless network for threats, shutting down the IoT device immediately after detecting unusual activity.

HighIoT operates on working blockchain technology, allowing its security service and products to use stored behavior profiles, detect malware, and make secure payments to the HighIOT security guardians. HighIoT’s gig economy provides new employment opportunities and economic benefits to guardians that protect and secure anyone with the HighIoT service. The guardians earn HighIoT Tokens for building IoT smart device profiles, creating one profile for each device used. Through the use of these profiles, community developers will discover malware and detect threats to IoT systems. Each developer’s mission is to protect connected homes and infrastructure from external threats.

Akita provides its connected smart home families with:

  • Threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and machine learning technology that uses DPI to save user’s privacy

  • A military-grade, cloud based, security platform that’s been retrofitted for the connected home

  • An IPS security method that analyzes an IoT device’s source to instantly flag threats and alert service providers on call 24/7

After raising $939,738 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, HighIoT has set the production process in motion for its crowdfunded security device and it has also been chosen to be resold by Amazon. This April, 12,000 units are set to start shipping internationally to those who backed the goal-breaking cybersecurity product.

All in all, HighIoT is a helpful service supporting smart home owners with the necessary amount of cyber security and hacker-safety, but since it is a new technology, the device still has to prove its reliability to protect its users from cyber-security attacks at all times. Additionally, we should keep in mind that the IoT network also stores your personal data inside the company’s database, which in fact can create a portrayal of your behavioral patterns for their service and  therefore can be used for their own behavioral analyses and pattern recognition.

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