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If you’re a company that’s searching for your perfect investor, or an excited investor looking for the next great investment, Zerion is your solution. Zerion connects companies to great investors with its decentralized and secure platform.

Investing in companies is nothing new. Investing in companies on the blockchain, however, is a different world. Although blockchain technology has the power to create a decentralized environment with smart contracts, there are still regulatory issues such as scams and ponzi schemes that previously hurt investors who believed they were getting the finest deal. Imagine an eager investor ready to jump on a new and exciting coin in the market. Though smart contracts may be in place, the investor still takes a risk funding an ICO that may have not been yet approved.

This is where Zerion enters the blockchain market as a single sign-on platform with dual security audits, auto KYC procedure, and token smart contracts, rapidly reducing risk and security issues for both investors and companies. With this platform, one can contribute to multiple vetted projects, raise secure funds, and conduct multiple smart contracts.

Companies that are blockchain based and searching for capital can turn to Zerion for a catalogue of fitting investors. At this point, these investors have already been vetted and approved by Zerion, saving much time and effort for the company that’s seeking the investment. The same process is applied for investors when looking for great companies to fund. By searching within the community of pre-validated Zerion companies, investors can search and select their desirable match for funding. Simplifying and speeding the process of finding their perfect match is ideal for both parties involved.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s happening, with several clients such as and HumaniQ who funded $10 million and $5.6 million, respectively. Individual companies are empowered to succeed with Zerion’s platform that facilitates these processes.   Companies that previously struggled for capital are now given the opportunity to rise and flourish with the support and network of a blockchain community.

Claiming to be a home to both companies and investors, Zerion provides the go-to spot to run a successful ICO by incorporating a fully manageable platform and audited clients. With each additional company it helps, Zerion grows a stronger and larger client base, creating an even safer space in the blockchain sphere. This minimizes the current issues of scams, malicious attacks and increased regulation. In order to try and provide these necessary features, Zerion partnered with Smart Dec (a smart contracts auditing firm) and Group IB (a cybersecurity firm).

Unfortunately, with the evolving technology of Blockchain, Zerion and other platforms for funding will have to keep up with the constant changes. This means a potential of creating new security systems or advancing current algorithms. While it’s potential is obvious, Zerion should proceed with extreme measures in order to continue to facilitate seamless and secure ICOs.

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