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Google is currently on pace to acquire a new company every two weeks in 2010.  As we wrote about back in July, Google has already spent $1.1 billion on acquisitions so far this year.  While Google CEO Eric Schmidt told analysts to expect about one acquisition per month in 2010, the Mergers & Acquisitions team at Google has been a bit more busy than that.  So far this year, Google has announced 22 acquisitions with more to come.

In the very fierce and competitive markets Google is apart of, including search, video, and mobile, these acquisitions are exactly what they need to compete.  Google’s Vice President of Corporate Development, David Lawee told Reuters that “in almost every deal that we look at, there’s always someone or one of those companies interested.”  Those companies primarily being, Cisco Systems, Inc, and eBay.

Last year, Google took in $24 billion.  And with approximately $11 billion in cash reserves according to their most recent 10-Q filing with the SEC and their ability to generate $1-2 billion in net income every quarter but one since 2007, it is definitely reasonable to expect these acquisitions to continue full steam ahead.

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