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Google appears to be looking to expand its fiber network and super fast Internet speeds across the country, perhaps starting in New York. The company posted a job description looking for someone to work as a Google Fiber sales representative in New York City.

But what is also very interesting is the area of the company which you would working in, the “Google Access” program. The Google Access program works to go the very last mile, providing fiber-optic Internet connections directly to users’ homes. We’re [Google] building one of the fastest networks in America [emphasis added by us] so that users can experience the future of broadband because we [Google] know that your Internet connection can never be too fast. This leads us to believe that Google does in fact have plans to expand its fiber network outside of just Kansas City.

According to the job description, a Google Fiber sales representative will be a part of a team that evangelizes Google Fiber services to small and medium business and multi unit dwellings. It goes on to say, “As a Fiber Sales Representative you will support plan for our approach in the market including multi unit dwellings, small business, restaurants, and hotels. You’ll reach out proactively to both small businesses, while articulating how Google Fiber Solutions can help make their work more productive.”

Of course, this is just all part of Google’s Master Plan to control the infrastructure of the future. If you’re interested in this job, you can check it out here.

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