If you have an iPhone and use GoDaddy for your domain needs, then you should check out the GoDaddy Mobile app available in the App Store for free. This great app has some really great features and are definitely useful if you are on the road and have no access to a computer. The design of the app is very clean and very easy to navigate and isn’t as bulky as the actual website’s control panel.

One of the first features is a domain search. This feature allows you to search for a domain and have the ability to add an available domain to your cart. Another great feature is the MobileMail feature which allows you to check your GoDaddy webmail. I don’t personally use it, but I have seen it in action on my friends iPhone and it runs really smooth. There is also a feature to get a catalog and order services such as hosting or email directly from the app.

When it comes to management, there are only a few features, but more is coming. Under this option you have the abilirty to manage DNS records, renew domains, edit contact info, etc. You can also fill out a survey to let GoDaddy know what else to add to this particular category. On a smaller note, you can also watch some videos under the Entertainment section and contact GoDaddy by either email or by phone.

This app is definitely worth looking at and has saved me from losing my domain when I was away from a computer. You really have no excuse not to check it out, it’s free!

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  • Daniel Brusilovsky
    Posted February 7, 2010 at 2:52 PM 0Likes

    Thanks for coming, Jeff!

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