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Following the massive success that is Apple’s “App Store” for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Google is entering the application distribution market.  Google, Inc. announced that they were releasing an app store, where they will allow third-party developers to develop and distribute applications that are compatible and disturbed via Google’s information infrastructure.  Said applications will be able to tie in directly to products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.

Buying into Google’s platform will cost a developer a $100 up-front fee, and Google would take twenty percent of any revenue made from application sales.  This is in comparison to Apple’s $99 up-front fee and thirty percent commission.  However, as Apple’s “App Store” has proven, the money invested can be well worth it if the developer plays their cards right.

While Google’s new development platform may seem like an imitation of the “App Store”, there is one important difference that sets it apart; while Apple’s “App Store” is marketed mainly to individuals and consumers, Google’s platform will be aimed at businesses and organizations that need reliable, integrated solutions for their companies.  For Google, this is a wise decision, as they will not only stand to make revenue from the sale and distribution of applications, but may see an increased number of businesses and organizations switching to Google Apps (formerly known as “Google For Your Domain”); Google’s hosted email, calendar, document, and collaboration solution.

For business owners and managers, this would ultimately allow for more of their infrastructure to be hosted in Google’s “cloud”, and for their information to be more easily accessible to them by means of computer or Smartphone.  This would ultimately eliminate the need for remote access solutions, virtual private networks, and overall IT infrastructure and staff.  Google’s platform, and the applications that result from it, may also aid in the popularity of telecommuting, as data would be more easily accessible to the end user without as big of a need for IT staff and personnel.

By opening up their development platform, Google will ultimately be allowing developers to develop and distribute applications that are tailored specifically towards specific industries and trades, and has a potential to significantly increase Google’s user base.

In an era where businesses are looking to be more productive and cost effective, Google’s new platform may be the answer to many of the data and infrastructure issues facing them today.  Further, this will allow developers to target the wide range of businesses that currently take advantage of Google’s services.


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