VR is elevating potential for online casino games

The stories and fiction movies about the virtual reality have been around for a couple of decades now. It’s no secret that with the invention of computers and internet in particular lots of IT companies have thought of going further, focusing all the attention on the future technologies. When the streaming … [Read more...]

CES 2017 starts the year off with a bang for gamers

Held in Las Vegas, a city that loves the pursuit of all things over the top (why else would they have built a hotel containing gondolas and a full-size rollercoaster?!), the Consumer Technology Association's CES event has become a mecca for gaming and technology fans from across the globe. This year's … [Read more...]

Forget Super Mario Run, this new Super Mario game looks amazing

This week Nintendo announced its brand new game console, the Nintendo Switch, which looks pretty cool, but perhaps what's even cooler is the brand new Super Mario game that they developed for it. The game, called "Super Mario Odyssey," is a brand-new 3D Mario game, and the first large Mario-themed sandbox … [Read more...]

How iGaming is putting the needs of the players first

Most modern businesses are designed around keeping the most uninformed, unappreciative, and underprivileged customers happy. For this reason, mobile apps are built with technophobes in mind, support lines always begin with the basics, and good stores are versatile enough to accept niche payment … [Read more...]

Gaming gadgets you didn’t know you needed but you do

With the overabundance of gaming gadgets on the market, it’s hard to know just what exactly will enhance your gaming zone most effectively. Here are five gadgets that will raise your entertainment system to paradise levels. iQ Gravity Speaker This futuristic looking floating orb is actually a speaker, … [Read more...]

The best gaming laptops in 2016

When compared to their predecessors, gaming laptops are no longer considered to be furnaces intended for casual gaming. They have become full-blooded gaming systems (PC’s) capable of running even the most demanding games and software available. Full quad cores with virtualization, tens of gigabytes of RAM, … [Read more...]

How Twitter can teach you about gaming

Social media applications are part of this century’s most astounding developments, and Twitter is one of this generation’s most-used global connection apps. Users are now learning anything and everything via applications, and being able to connect with other users across the world in just a few clicks makes … [Read more...]

Waiting on the new Pokémon GO nearby feature? Here’s how you identify Pokémon in the meantime

Serious Pokémon GO gamers are familiar with the glitches that have impacted their hunt to “catch ‘em all.” Although issues have been reported for a variety of features, many have occurred specifically with the game’s “nearby” tracking system. The system is supposed to let players know where nearby Pokémon are … [Read more...]

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