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Mobile has come a long way since the days of Nokia’s snake game. Back then, games looked simple and bland, usually featuring 2D graphics, and simplistic gameplay. Over the years, they continued to lag behind console games in all ways: graphics, gameplay, storylines and pretty much everything else. Then smartphones came along and developers began to build chipsets that could accommodate quality games.

Today, a standard mobile game features the same graphics quality as an open-world multiplayer PC Battle Arena. In fact, many are times you have the option to play the same game—with all bells and whistles on your mobile or PC device.

 That said, below is a summary of why mobile game developers are sparing no expenses to create graphically superior games.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it. Android game creators, like most companies, do what’s good for their bottom line. They create games themed after cartoons if there’s a market for them. If there isn’t, they replace these games with what works.

In other words, the efforts developers are continually making to produce high-quality puzzles and open world titles are geared toward driving sales. People want to play attractive games, and as such, developers will always want to produce the best-looking games.

Unfortunately, graphics alone don’t motivate people to play games. Instead, it’s a combination of top-notch visuals with high-quality soundtracks, a immersive gameplay and gripping storylines that attract people.

If developers create a game with mind-blowing visuals but neglect the controls or soundtracks, no one will play it twice. Fortunately, many visually attractive mobile games today also payout at impressive rates.

Improved Graphics Design Technology

Time heals everything and that has been true for mobile game makers. There was a time when technology only allowed them to build simple 2D games. Today, however, they have the resources and engines required to create tremendously beautiful games.

In fact, some mobile developers have video slots featuring 4K and 8K graphics resolutions. That’s the same standard console developers like FIFA 20’s EA and Fortnite’s Epic Games are using for their latest projects.

Of course, that doesn’t mean all mobile games feature high-resolution images and videos. Some are adamant on using simpler graphics. Others don’t have the resources required to build 4K mobile titles.

With time, though, there might come a time when all new mobile games will feature 3D graphics and 4K resolutions. That time might be sooner than most people expect, at least if you factor in how rapidly technology changes.

Stiff Competition

Imagine if Electronic Arts or Rock Star Entertainment insisted on old technologies to create their games. They would have gone out of business a long time ago. In the mobile development space, coders have to keep up with the competition if they want to survive.

In some cases, programmers must innovate new ways of making games to have an edge over their competitors. Farmville, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker, for instance are so successful partly because they were customized for Facebook users.

Stiff competition is also a reason why some mobile games support virtual reality, have immersive gameplay and video-game-like features. Developers have to keep innovating or providing exclusive features to rival their competitors. Otherwise, they risk becoming irrelevant.

To Attract Wider Demographics

Gone are the days when people associated mobile games with casual teenager players. With today’s technology, developers can now create titles that command the attention of the most competitive gamers in the world.

On the flipside, developers have a wider catalogue of games to attract as many players are possible. Precisely, sports fans have a slew of games simulating their favorite sports. Action fans can kick, throw punches and shoot the grinch out of their opponents using the latest military weapons.

In other words, mobile game developers are consistently looking for new audiences. And to win their hearts, they must keep creating unique and more importantly, exciting games.

Advanced Gaming Hardware

One of the reasons why mobile developers haven’t always invested in top-notch graphics was to make their games available to everyone. Specifically, pretty graphics require a phone with decent processing power. And powerful smartphones haven’t always been cheap.

Of course, mobile gamers aren’t vested so much that they could spend $800 on a phone to play a beautiful game. That’s a specialty for PC and console gamers. Instead, mobile players often tend to buy a device that do all that they require from a smartphone and not gaming alone.

Despite that, affording a powerful mobile device is no longer a problem. As a result, software makers can make visually advanced mobile games knowing most of their customers have devices that can power them.

That includes both android and iOS players who now enjoy games featuring the high-quality graphics PC and console games also have. In fact, graphics designing technology has advanced so much that you play games with 4K quality on many low budget android devices.

To Supplement Other Features

In a sea of mobile games that look the same, every developer wants to standout. Unfortunately, many of them create games that look no different from the rest. Those that attempt to stand out, though reap the benefits immensely.

Just take a look at Fortnite. It’s not the only mobile Battle Arena out there. Yet for the last four years, it’s been the most outstanding game of its kind. Its exceptionally designed visuals are one reason why people love the game so much.

From the view distance and texture to the quality of graphics and shadows, everything about Fortnite’s visuals is admirable. But as attractive as they are, not many people would play the game had it been broken in other areas.

The Culture

The gaming industry in general has a culture of being quick adopters of technology. Developers and publishers like Google and Apple don’t take any resources that can help enhance their bottom line lightly. That includes payment innovations like Bitcoin to security features and graphics designing software.

Against that backdrop, you can be sure mobile developers will always try to rival their console game counterparts. PC and console video game creators might be one step ahead whenever it comes to creating advanced games. However, their mobile counterparts will always strive to equal or usurp them.

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