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Right now on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Eric Eldon is on stage with Mike McCue the co-founder and CEO of Flipboard.  We just learned that Flipboard currently has 56 million readers, 6 million of those came within about a month since the launch of Flipboard 2.0.  Flipboard also currently has an advertisers roster that includes Land Rover and Gucci.

According to McCue, Flipboard users have created almost 1 million magazines since the launch of 2.0 (iOS only).  As content curation heats up on Flipboard, McCue still says that the primary focus for Flipboard is helping publishers monetize, however, in the future they are going to look to help curators monetize as well.

McCue also said that getting advertising dollars for digital content is tough, he said that “You go from dollars in print, to dimes in web, to pennies in mobile.”  80 percent of the advertising spend has yet to move to the web.  To get brand advertisers dollars such as Burberry to move to digital, you need to create a package that offers a beautiful design.  This is obviously going to be a major play for Flipboard, as he keeps reiterating the point on stage.

As for when Flipboard 2.0 will be available on Android?  It’s launching “very very soon.”

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