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If you are a brand or company that uses social media, navigating the thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts from your customers can be daunting.  That’s why many companies are turning to a blend of social media and Customer Relationship Management, coined “social CRM”, to help them.  One Chicago-based startup, Earshot, has launched a social CRM that also integrates GPS to help identify the social media users who are on-site or nearby the business.Earshot

The Earshot app works for both consumers and businesses, using GPS and cell towers to identify where tweets, foursquare check-ins and Instagram posts are coming from.   As a result, companies can see which customers are nearby in order to provide better service, increase sales and boost loyalty.

“Right now social media managers are limited in what they can search for – primarily only keyword, mentions and hashtags,” said David Rush, Earshot’s co-founder and CEO. “The Earshot platform allows these social media managers to identify the consumers who can have the greatest immediate impact on their bottom line.”

Aside from businesses, consumers can also use Earshot to give them a sort of “super status” as they enter the geo fences of businesses on the Earshot network.  As a result, consumers receive better customer service, real-time rewards and deeper relationships with brands.


A platform like Earshot couldn’t come at a better time.  Customer service is becoming a huge concern for businesses as more people attempt to reach companies through their social media channels for help.  In fact, 47 percent of consumers actively seek customer service through social media, according to a recent study by NM Incite.  But with 70 percent of all Tweets intended for brands going unanswered, according to LiveOps, most customers are going to be left out in the cold.  Earshot is hoping its location-based CRM can help solve this problem.

“Using the Earshot platform, social media managers can easily identify and prioritize consumers and social media users based on location,” Rush said.  “This makes it easy for social media mangers to filter through the hundreds or even thousands of tweets they receive to find those happening in their proximity.”

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