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Fans of Apple TV fear not – everyone’s favorite fruit company has just re-released the Apple TV Software Update 6.0, which was pulled just this past weekend over concerns that the update was bricking users’ devices.

Although the update carries the same version number – Apple TV Software 6.0.0, to be exact – the new update does appear to be of a newer build (11A502) than the previous version (11A470e). This should confirm that Apple has indeed made some sort of an effort to patch the offending software glitch, though the company has remained quiet as to what exactly has been changed in this updated build.

Apple TV Software Update 6.0 includes valuable updates to the Apple TV experience, bringing iTunes radio, updated Podcasts support, iCloud Photo updates, Airplay from iCloud, general bug fixes and improvements, and more. You can download the latest update wirelessly from your Apple TV’s built in Updater tool or by plugging in your Apple TV to a computer with iTunes.

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