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Allow me to quote Steve Jobs, “Phones aren’t perfect” and while people (and Apple) may like to hold the iPhone to a higher standard, in reality it can’t and shouldn’t be.  Nonetheless, even with the whole Antennagate situation that was (is) going on, it appears the iPhone 4 isn’t the only smartphone to be experiencing some serious issues.  There are reports that the Motorola Droid X is experiencing screen failures and dead pixels.

Unfortunately for users experiencing this issue, the Droid X has been selling very well for Verizon which will make getting a replacement a bit more difficult.  Users are reporting everything from flickering screens to completely unusable devices.  Some people are speculating that this will be fixed with an update.  However, updating a phone with an unusable screen may be a daunting task.

Here are some videos below that show some of the worst cases of the screen issue.

[Source: Neowin]


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