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QuikSocial is an iPhone app that allows you to access all of your favorite social sites and networks within one app.  The interface is simple and well designed.  The menu bar at the bottom of the app is easily customizable with drag and drop functionality so you can change the default sites in it.  Currently the app includes several sites and social networks including, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Meebo, Formspring, MySpace, Yahoo, Flickr, Myspace and more.

QuikSocial also has a feature called QuikSocial Web in which users can add an unsupported site to the app.  In terms of pricing, according to Rumble Apps the company behind QuikSocial, the first week the app is released it will be available for $0.99 and after that the plans are to sell it for $1.99 through the App Store.  While QuikSocial is currently unavailable in the App Store, I’m told the app has been submitted and is expected to be approved and available within the next 3-4 days.

As of right now QuikSocial resorts to using the mobile site of their supported sites within their app, however, I’m told they have reached out to these sites to gain access to their API‘s to build an even more feature rich application.  But overall, I’m impressed with the simplicity of QuikSocial and would recommend it once it’s available.  I’ve included some screenshots below.

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