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Digg Ads have been much anticipated (at least for Digg) for quite some time now and today Digg has rolled out the initial beta of their new ad platform.  The way the system works according to the Digg blog is very similar to that of organic content submitted to Digg. As Mike Maser of Digg states:

A recap of how it works: your Diggs, buries and clicks influence a quality score that determines how often the ad gets displayed, and ultimately how much the advertiser pays per click. The more you Digg an ad, the less the advertiser will have to pay; the more an ad is buried, the more the advertiser is charged, eventually pricing it out of the system. The success of this system depends on your participation and feedback, as it will help advertisers to create the best possible experience for the Digg community. Our goal with Digg Ads is to encourage advertisers to create content as compelling as organic Digg stories, and to give you more control over which ads you see on Digg.

The bottom line here is if you want your advertisement to succeed on Digg you should really do your research to fully understand the “Digg Crowd” (user base). I’m curious to see how this platform will play out in the long run and if it will be vital to propelling Digg into financial stability or if it will result in a blog post 6 months from now where I talk about how badly this platform failed.


I think this ad platform has a chance to be successful, but, I believe the burden here is on the advertisers to create clever, well thought out, and funny ads that Diggers will like love.  If these ads are just some of the typical, same old, worn out ads that people are familiar and/or numb to then I think the platform will fail.  If I was Digg, I would seriously consider investing in a creative ad team to work with advertisers on creating ads that would be appealing to the Digg audience because that is where the fate of this ad platform lies.

What are your thoughts on Digg Ads?  Leave a comment!

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