Did The Price of Office for Mac Increase? Yes.

Recently, Microsoft quietly pushed up the price of Office for Mac.  For certain editions, the company bumped up the price as high as 17 percent.  Additionally, Microsoft got rid of multi-licensed products.  Between both of those moves, some say it’s an attempt to make Microsoft’s Office 365 product more appealing, and I’d agree with that belief.

As of right now, the single-license Office for Mac Home & Student costs $140, a 17 percent increase from the previous price of $120. Office for Mac Home & Business, an edition that adds the Outlook email client to Home & Student’s Excel, PowerPoint and Word, runs for $220, or a 10 percent increase compared to the older $200 price tag.

The new prices are identical to those of Office 2013 for Windows.

(Via Computerworld.)

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