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Have you also been searching everywhere for that one tool that will allow you to plan, schedule, and automatically publish your Instagram posts without hassles, then Combin Scheduler is just the perfect tool for you.

One common problem facing both digital agencies and digital marketers is the sheer amount of time they spend on posting content in bulk across different accounts and social platforms. While this may be lighter for some other platforms, the weight is much felt on a platform like Instagram where scheduling has always been a really challenging task and a real time-waster.

To help you save precious time on planning, scheduling, and automatically posting your content on Instagram, a tool like Combin Scheduler is what you need. The excellent and smart tool will help make all these processes super easy, allowing you have enough time for other important areas of your business.

In this post, I will be introducing you to this amazing internet marketing tool, and also let you know some reasons why it may be the tool you need to grow your Instagram account at this time.

What Is Combin Scheduler?

Combin Scheduler is a smart internet marketing tool that allows you to easily plan, schedule, and auto-publish your post and stories on Instagram. With Combin Scheduler, it is super easy to schedule your content for hours, days, or months and they will be published just at the time you wanted them. Serving your audience with fresh and regular content is important to your brand growth, and this tool just made that easy for you without taking the bulk of your time.

Why Should You Use Combine Scheduler?

It is true there are several Instagram schedulers out there, but many of them only over-promise but under-deliver. Many Instagram users, including most celebrities and influencers, have used Combin Scheduler and they have reported how great the tool is when it comes to managing Instagram accounts. In case you are not sure if you should consider this tool too, here are some reasons you should do that for your brand. One day, you will be happy you made the decision.

#1: You Will Be Able To Plan and Auto-Publish Posts from Desktop

Scheduling Instagram posts has never been easier. With Combin Scheduler, you can plan posts for your Instagram accounts for hours, days, weeks, or months, and they will publish just at the time you wanted them published.

To plan your posts on Combin Scheduler, all you need to do is to drag or drop the video or image, select the time and date you want them published, write a caption, add location, and mention other accounts. Then press the Create button, and you are good to go!

#2: Plan and Auto-Publish Stories from Desktop

Instagram stories are fun, engaging, and vivid. Perhaps that’s the reason more than 70% of the whole Instagram audience watch Stories. So it’s really a smart move including them in your Instagram growth strategy. Combin Scheduler also allows you to effortlessly plan multiple stories for publication. This feature saves your effort and time and it is super easy to perform. Also, all you need to do is to select one or a handful of files from your PC, set the date and time, and press Create. Then sit back and watch your stories being published on Instagram just at the right time you want them published.

#3: It Helps You Write Engaging Captions for Your Posts

Although Instagram is more of a visual social media, you can’t quickly neglect the huge role captions play in your Instagram strategy. But the major challenge many Instagram users face with this is coming up with a clever caption right on the go. With Combin Scheduler, you have enough time to think through a creative caption and write them down without a fuss.

The tool allows you write and format your text to your desire. You can write as much as 2,200 characters with paragraphs, spaces, and line breaks – don’t worry, your formatting will remain the same when the posts are published.

#4: Allows You Creatively Style Your Grid Layout

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform, and so you need to pay more attention to the way your grid looks. That is really important as it has its unique way of influencing your Instagram page growth. With Combin Scheduler, you can creatively style your grid layout with its in-app calendar. You can preview how your page looks and made some adjustments when you think required.

#5: It Helps You Excellently Manage Your Hashtags

No doubt, one of the effective ways of attracting real and genuine followers on Instagram is the use of relevant hashtags. However, when you use the same hashtags all the time on your posts, Instagram simply considers it as spam. This could result in your account getting flagged and banned.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to make use of different packs of hashtags every time you publish your posts. With Combin Scheduler, you can store several relevant hashtags in Templates right inside the app, edit them, and use them whenever the need arises.

#6: It Helps You Edit Your Images like A Pro

There is a specific image ratio Instagram recommends for users to use on the platform. This means you may need to continually edit and factor your images to fit the ratio. With Combin Scheduler, you can edit your images like a pro. The tool offers some amazing features that help you crop, zoom, and edit your images to match Instagram standards. You can also change the image size to vertical, square, landscape, or portrait.

#7: It Is Very Affordable

Unlike other Instagram schedulers, Combin is designed with all budgets in mind. There is a plan for everyone. You can choose to go with the starter plan, which is free for all and contains all the necessary features to plan and schedule your Instagram posts. But the plan also has some limitations.

The personal plan comes for just $7 per month while the business plan is only $21 per month with all its amazing and unlimited features. The tool is available for Windows, macOS, and Linus, so it doesn’t matter what type of computer you use, you can be sure of enjoying the best of this tool right away.

#8: Many More Features Rolling In By the Day

As though the existing features of the tool are not enough, many more features are continually being added to make sure users get the most for their Instagram accounts. Now some new amazing features have been added, including link in bio, reposts, and user tagging.

If you are looking to attract some of your followers on Instagram to your website or blogs, a smart and cool way to make that happen is attaching links to each of your posts in the bio section of your account. With Combin Scheduler, you can add links to each of your scheduled posts to generate more traffic for your blog and website.

You can now repost content from certain users or post you engage with without any stress. You can also tag particular accounts or brands in your post for more engagement. With this tool, you can’t just get enough for your Instagram account.

Bottom Line

Time is a precious tool everyone needs to grow their business both online and offline. So you need to do everything you can to make sure you are adequately managing your time. Serving your audience with regular content on Instagram is very important to your growth and Combin Scheduler is just the right tool to make that happen without wasting precious time with manual posting.

The tool allows you to plan, schedule, and publish your posts in bulk without any hassles. It is super easy to use and there is a plan for everyone irrespective of their budgets. If buying Combin Scheduler is the only decision you can make for your brand this month, it is absolutely worth it. Your brand will thank you someday for making that decision.

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