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Most users on Instagram consider the platform as a great place to keep a photo diary of their best memory. But unlike their camera roll, it is pretty difficult to download all the photos they have already uploaded to Instagram to their computers. While the official Instagram app allows you to download these photos one at a time, that may not be an easy task for people who have used the platform for years and looking to have their memories downloaded to their computer.

If you fall into the category of this kind of people, here is good news for you. 4K Stogram has now made it super easy to download your favorite photos, videos, and stories on Instagram to your computer devices. Not only can you do this for your own account but you can also download contents from your friends’ private and public accounts.

In this post, I will be showing you what this amazing tool is and how it can help you capture your Instagram memories without breaking a sweat.

What Is 4K Stogram?

It is a desktop Instagram viewer and downloader that allows you to download your memories on Instagram to your personal computers, including your photos, videos, stories, and highlights. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux and super easy to use.

Stogram does not only allow you to download images and videos from your account but also from any Instagram accounts of your choice, including private profiles. This amazing tool also allows you back up your Instagram account and import your subscriptions list.

What Benefits Does 4K Stogram Offers?

#1: It Allows You to Easily Download Photos and Videos in Bulk

More than five million people presently use Instagram every day. This makes the platform a platform where lots of content are shared daily and so a place where everyone can find fascinating photos and videos. The official Instagram app, however, is not designed to let users easily download more than one photo at a time and doesn’t allow downloading photos of other Instagrammers.

But sometimes, we dearly need to capture some amazing moments and save them on our devices to look through them later. That is where 4K Stogram comes in to help. The app allows you to search for favorite photos or videos by username, location, or hashtag which is then automatically downloaded to your computer.

  • Search by username: by simply typing in the username of your friend or a favorite celebrity whose posts you want, all the posts will be instantly downloaded on your PC. If you don’t want to download all the posts, the tool also allows you to choose which part of the posts you want to save. You can search and select posts by date of publication or by the hashtags used on the post.
  • Search by location: you can also conduct your search by location. All you need to do is to type in the location you want – whether it is street name, city, or country. When you have inputted the location, the related content will show up and then you can download on your computer.
  • Search by hashtags: searching by username and location is not the only way you can find and download content on 4K Stogram. You can also use hashtags. Searching by hashtags allows you to download as many posts as you want under a particular hashtag.

#2: It Makes It Easy to Back Up Your Instagram Account

Instagram cannot be predicted these days as users are complaining about their accounts being banned on Instagram without prior notice. Because of that, it is important to prepare for the unexpected and make sure your account is backed up. 4K Stogram has made the whole process of backing up your profile very easy.

All you need to do is to log in with your Instagram account and then subscribe to the account in settings on 4K Stogram. After that is done, the app continues to automatically download your photos and videos to your computer.

#3: You Can Effortlessly Download Instagram Stories and Highlights

Instagram stories are fun and engaging – the reason up to 70% of the whole Instagram audience watches it. So there is always something interesting to capture there. Instagram only allows you to download your own stories on the phone but not the stories of other users. So what do you do when your friend shared something interesting and you want to have it downloaded on your device? Use 4K Stogram.

The app has made that very easy. Before you start that, go to settings on the app, and type in the username of the person you want to capture their stories, and the result will be displayed to you. All stories are marked at the bottom right corner of every post with a circle symbol. Both the highlights and stories are then downloaded into separate subfolders within 4K Stogram.

#4: You Can Browse Your Friends’ Instagram Feed

Sometimes we want to view the feed of those people following us without following them. That is what we can easily achieve with 4K Stogram. With the app, you only need to enter the username of your friend and subscribe to the user. This will allow you watch new photos uploaded by them in real-time without having to follow them.

#5: Subscribe To Influencers in Your Niche

This is one unique feature of 4K Stogram that has captivated the heart of many digital marketers looking to fortify their Instagram growth strategy. It is true that you can simply subscribe to any influencers on your Instagram account but when you do it on 4K Stogram offer much more. You will be able to conduct a full audit of the influencers’ content strategy and you will be able to repost your favorite photos right away as long as you have permission.

It can also be quite challenging to scroll through the entire photos of a user on the Instagram app, especially if it is an account that has been in existence for a while. But with 4K Stogram, you can view all their photos in a single file, and these can be sorted by date.

#6: You Can Now Download Your Saved Posts

It is a regular custom of most users on Instagram to save important, memorable, and the most exciting posts on Instagram. But do you know that you can also have them on your computer? Yes! All you need to do is to subscribe to your saved posts in 4K Stogram settings and you will be able to download all your saved posts at once. Now you have your saved posts on your computer!

#7: You Can Subscribe To Hashtags You Are Currently Using

It’s natural to use hashtags in our post. That is the only way users can find our content and follow us anyway. But it is important you make use of relevant hashtags any time you post. This will make it easier for you to attract relevant audience with your posts. With 4K Stogram, you can subscribe to specific hashtags you are using and have a better understanding of what type of content users post with such hashtags. That is also a smart way to know if you are actually using the right type of hashtag on your posts or not.

#8: You Have Options; the Free or Premium Version

You can either use the free version of the app or subscribe to the premium version. The free version is also wonderful, especially if you plan to use the app for a personal account. The app doesn’t watermark the images and allows you to have unlimited photo download even with the free version. However, there are limitations with the free version and also comes with some nonintrusive ads (which you can easily close).

The premium version is very affordable and will unlock unlimited features for you to enjoy, including subscribing to unlimited accounts (only two is allowed for the free version). It also doesn’t come with any ads. With just $20, you can enjoy the premium version and you can also use it on three computers.

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