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Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has seen huge growth more than any other social media platform. It is presently ranked among the top 10 most popular social media networks in the world with more than one billion monthly active users. Instagram does not only comprise of regular users but has also become a go-to place for internet marketers for marketing and promoting their brands.

Instagram is considered the best for customer engagement and because of that, the number of advertisers on the platform keeps increasing by the day. However, to be able to make the most of the platform and give your business the extra push it needs to get to the top, you will need to have a sufficient number of followers.

Instagram is obviously a game of numbers. The more followers you have, the more benefits you enjoy from your marketing efforts. This is one reason many Instagram users would do anything to gain more likes, comments, and followers for their accounts – even when it is unhealthy to the account. While there are lots of tools out there that promise helping Instagram users amass more followers over a short time, many of them are nothing but fake promises and will put the account at the risk of a ban.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful and effective tools that can do the job, you only have to do some extra searching. In this post, I have helped reduce the burden on you by introducing you to one of the most useful and affordable tools to increase Instagram followers and engagement in a completely healthy way. That tool is Combin Growth.

What Exactly Is Combin Growth?

Combin is an excellent and smart marketing tool designed for both small and large businesses looking to help their business achieve its goals using Instagram. The tool will help you gain real followers and engagement for your account on Instagram without stressing life out of yourself.

Combin Growth doesn’t just help you grow your Instagram account by gathering temporary likes and follows, but help you build real followers that stay with your brand forever. It has lost of interesting features that help attract new followers while making existing followers super happy for following you. That way, your account will not be at any risk of a ban or being disabled by Instagram.

If you have been looking everywhere for that one tool that will help take your Ig account to the next level, Combin Growth is just the perfect tool you have been looking for.

Amazing Features That Make Combin a Go-To Tool for Increasing Instagram Followers

This smart and effective tool is loaded with lots of amazing features you would like. Below are some of the features of Combin Growth marketing tool.

#1: Advanced Instagram Search

This is a unique feature that helps you search and locate users as well as posts relevant to your target audience and niche. There is no better way to amass real followers that are genuinely interested in what you do and gladly engage with your content and account.

Combin Growth allows you to search by hashtag, mutual followers, and location. If you are also looking to find and interact with people following and engaging with your competitors, this is just the perfect tool to make that happen. This feature also allows you to combine factors in your search, such as people in a particular location who are also using a particular hashtag.

#2: User Search Analysis

It is not enough to conduct a search, you also need to filter out and interact with the best accounts. That is exactly what this feature does. You can decide to only interact with certain users you know will return the favor. That means you can skip major brands, celebrities, and spam accounts in your search. If you will agree, these types of accounts have a very low chance of following or interacting with your brand.

#3: Audience Management

This unique feature of Combin Growth allows you to manage your audience. With the tool, you can manage the accounts you follow, as well as your followers in just one single tab. Combin allows you to discover accounts you are following but aren’t following in return.

If you have lots of such people, this feature also makes it possible to do the unfollowing in batch. It will also help you keep track of accounts you have unfollowed so you won’t be following them again in the future.

#4: Easy Communication

With Combin Growth, you can participate in a discussion going on under any posts you found so you can gain attention. It also allows you to leave multiple different comments at the same time. You can also do single or mass commenting and liking. Combin just made everything super-easy for you.

However, in order to prevent your account from being mistakenly labeled as spam, Combin has set a daily limit to the number of likes, comments, and follows you can receive. This helps you build your Instagram account without the fear of getting your account banned or disabled.

#5: Sorting and Preview

It is always good when you can make a choice and control the kind of accounts you will like to follow or posts you will like to interact with. This feature allows you to manually sort and preview accounts and posts before interacting with them. This can be based on popularity or date, so you can be sure you are not interacting or following inactive accounts.

#6: Activity Statistics

 This is another Combin Growth feature that you will like to hear about.  The feature allows you to keep an eye on your likes, follows, and comments through the app. This will help you monitor your growth, the number of likes, comments, and followers you receive. This is an excellent way to track hoe effectively Combin is helping you grow your account.

#7: Auto-Tasks

The auto-task feature is there to help you save precious time performing the same searches and applying the same actions every day. You only need to schedule commenting, liking, following and unfollowing actions and they will automatically be performed daily, weekly, or monthly based on your choice. There is no better way to take away the stress of growing and managing an Instagram account for your brand. Now you can dedicate precious time to other important parts of your business.

#8: Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you have more than one account you want to manage? It is no problem at all for Combin Growth. With this amazing tool, you can manage more than 15 accounts from a single computer. The tool comes with a build-in setup that helps connect multiple individual proxies for security purposes. Combin can also help search and attract a new audience on all the accounts simultaneously.

#9: Find Instagram Influencer for Your Account

When we talk about growing a brand on social media, we may not be able to neglect the power of influencers. It is one of the best marketing strategies today. They help increase brand awareness and promote sales. However, as the number of influencers keeps growing by the day, it can be pretty hard finding the right influencer for your brand.

This is where Combin Growth comes in. The tool helps find the best influencer for your business without you having to spend several hours doing that manually.

#10: Different affordable Prices

Unlike other Instagram follower growing tools that come with big prices, Combin Growth has different affordable plans that anyone can afford. There are three price tiers for the tool; Free, Personal, and Business plans. You can try things out with the free plan, and you will be surprised how much benefits this tool has to offer you.

The Personal plan is as low as $10 per month and you can choose to enjoy the unlimited features of the Business plan for just $30 monthly.

Is Combin Growth The Instagram Tool You Need Now?

Gone are the days when interacting with other users and gaining new followers on Instagram was a piece of cake. Things have taken a new course. These days, profile and amazing content may end up becoming buried away from potential followers with no recourse.

Combin Growth is an Instagram tool that will help you overcome this major setback. The advanced search feature on the tool allows you to be proactive. Now you can reach out to potential new clients instead of waiting for your account to be recommended.

With Combin Growth, you don’t have to worry about your account being labeled as spam as most other tools do. It has preset actions that help limit your actions in the bid of protecting your account while you interact with as many people as possible. If you are looking for the tool to help build your Instagram account and transform your brand to the top, Combin Growth is just the perfect choice!

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