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The European tech scene is increasingly proving that it has been hiding some real gems with super-exciting ideas. Among these tech geeks is Marnus Flatz, the founder and CEO of Castl AG, an interesting next-gen social media app that has already taken a German-speaking community by storm during beta testing.

Marnus Flatz has mostly kept a low profile but steadily been doing some exciting things and has been going places; something that very few of the legendary entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley have achieved. He is currently considered to be among the top European techies and is mentioned  among all the movers and shakers of the continent.

Never one to fear a challenge, Flatz has undertaken some pioneering moves so far. Born in Tyrol, this Austrian with an extreme sense of adventure dropped out of school at the age of 17 to undertake a cross-continental hike of Africa on foot and completely alone.

By the age of 23, Marnus Flatz used his own SARP algorithm to start the first fully automated radio and music software company. The year was 2000 and this was Marnus’s first software company that was already making waves. For those that don’t remember, this was one year before iTunes first entered the scene.

His next groundbreaking move came three years later when he created a high-end multimedia software used for online in store infotainment. Way before Netflix, movies were only available in cinemas or in DVD stores and with this software retailers could provide radio and TV on-demand to clients.

Moving toward stardom and newer ventures

Keeping true to his restless nature, in 2011 Marnus embarked on a music career under the stage name Aaron Roterfeld and his debut album spent eight weeks on the German top ten rock charts. An amazing feat for someone who suffers from stage fright.

Besides making appearances at some of the major European festivals, he was elected as Newcomer of the Year and was also nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award, established in 2000 to award musicians for excellence in the Austrian music industry.

Meanwhile, Marnus had also made the strategic business move of licensing his product to other companies which allowed him the freedom to kickstart his music career and to plan his next business moves.

Music and mathematics are known to be intimately related and obviously algorithms are something that Marnus loves to ponder over, believing in his philosophy that everything is possible.

Recent developments coming from Marnus Flatz are his AI-based Multimedia-Streaming Service and the Castl social media app which, like everything they have developed, he and his team of coders have worked tirelessly to perfect.

Known for his perfectionism, Flatz knows how to get the best out of his team of coders, and in the true Silicon Valley-style there are rumors of his obsession and about team members who suffered from burnout.

Castl -the gamechanger social media app

Currently it is in the beta testing phase and the Castl app is free. It has gained an engaged following in Switzerland, where it is based, and in other German speaking countries, where it is also available for those who know the beta access code. Despite its status as the Swiss “rebel app” there is a considerable unicorn potential to this community.

The motto at Castl is: “Crazy shit for a good cause” and it’s the world’s first real challenge community and the first social media app where “Likes” have real value and friends can give as many “Likes” as they want.

People are encouraged to support future projects and help move the world. In one of the challenges, people decide to cheer up a fireman on his birthday after his life was tragically changed forever. With the help of the volunteer firemen, a banner was raised with the lift of a fire truck to where Helmut was sitting in his wheelchair.

Other challenges involve hilarious antics, all done to collect those much-needed likes that will help others and give the app’s users those sought-after stars to exchange for rewards.

Users of the app can take part in various activities that support more than 70 NGOs and other charitable projects registered on the app. User likes can also be redeemed for over 100 different fun rewards like selfie sticks, a skydive or inflatable unicorns.

Exciting news for those that want to try the app in their own language is that its global rollout is planned for later this year, but there has been no official announcement yet. Meanwhile, fans and the media anticipate Marnus Flatz’s next stirring move will be.

Visit the official website of Castl: 

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