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If gaming is one of your favourite hobbies, you may no doubt be playing out on the go and would want to have a phone that provides the best possible experience. That may be easier said than done because right now – consumers are spoilt for choice.

The purpose of the phone and type of games played may influence your choice slightly. For example, if you’re just playing fortnite, pokemon or rpg games, the features needed are different than in the case of casino games like Kasinohai, betting, diablo immortal and so forth. With this distinction in mind, let’s zoom in on phones that have good overall features for gaming:

The Razer phone:

For many this constitutes a top choice because the it runs cool at all times and has a resolution of 1,440 X 2,560 and a blazing fast 120Hz refresh rate. Who would have thought that a phone so small can come with 8GB of ram – well, it does – and that is precisely why folks love it for games.

The ASUS Rog Phone2

With 8GB of ram and a rather low price compared to other models, ASUS managed to craft their own unique value proposition to gamers on a relative budget. The resolution is not as crisp as the Razer phone – but then again, many would accept it given that they’d save a few hundred. It also have dedicated game buttons.

The XIOMI Black shark 3 Pro

Now here we have something that is low priced with a huge screen, coming in at 1,440 x 3,120 and total screen size of 7.1 inches. It has air triggered buttons too which provides the gamer with a slightly better user experience than touch screen.

The iphone 11

You can say that the iphone 11 is “reasonably” priced and for this reason, given the features it offers, it appeals to a certain segment of the market who are not too lost without Android. Yet it only has 4GB of ram with a lower resolution than most gaming phones, so it is acceptable to many, but not a clear winner.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus

This is a powerful contender albeit that the high pricing and small screen size makes it less desirable to many. It is after all a price-sensitive market. It also has 8GB of ram with 128GB of storage. Yet the battery life is falling a little short when compared to all the other contenders in this category.

The Sony Xperia1

Of the phones that are in an affordable range, the Sony Xperia1 commands a small market share. With a good HDR screen and a 21:9 aspect ratio and 6GB Ram there are some reasons people would take it as a second choice phone – but the short battery life is somewhat if an issue for any serious gamer.

The Huawei P30 PRO

Now if you are over the fact that Huawei was implicated by just about every western government for spying and you’re OK with the company as a whole – well, the P30 PRO is not exactly a bargain as one would have thought. It is a bit pricey – for a Huawei at least. The specs are fairly standard but gamers say that the screen is very convenient to use – and that makes up for the fairly low battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 plus

Here we have a phone with 12GB ram, 1,440 X 3,040 resolution and a good screen size at a reasonable price – much less than the Huawei P30 PRO yet with rather similar features. It explains why so many gamers on a budget opted for it: it is well worth considering unless you want the top of the range.

Final scoop:

Gaming on your mobile phone can be great fun if you have a top tier device. Off course there are many more devices that can be a good fit and no doubt over the next few months we’ll see more models launched. It comes down to your budget and the unique set of features that are considered minimum requirements for the games you want to play. Do take a good look at contract phones. Sometimes it is possible to get amazing upgrades during promotion periods – it can be a steal. Yet for cash buyers, a side-by-side comparison in the US will pretty much confirm what we discussed in this article.

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