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Call For Help – April 29th, 2008 – Interviews with Drew Olanoff of ReadBurner and AlanaTaylor of / Podcamp NYC 2.0 Discussion


Drew Olanoff of ReadBurner:


1. What is ReadBurner?
2. What is Google Reader?
3. What is the difference between ReadBurner and FeedBurner?
4. How does it work – how does your feed / story make it to the top?
5. There are a lot of big sites that have a lot of RSS subscribers – do you plan to try and give everyone an equal playing field so their story can make it to the top?
6. Bonus Question: Your favorite social networking site to date?
7. Bonus Question: Best advice to give to someone looking to create a startup?

How to use Google Reader and ReadBurner:


Alana Taylor of


1. What was your favorite session at Podcamp and why?
2. Who do you think had the most beneficial session to you?
3. What was the most important thing you learned, if anything at Podcamp?
4. If /you/ were going to speak at Podcamp what would you be talking about?
5. Bonus Question: What is your favorite social network and why?

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