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In my previous post I discussed the sessions I attended at Podcamp NYC 2.0 as well as my thoughts on each session.  In addition to the sessions I was able to attend and learn from I was also privileged to be able to hang out with some very cool people.  If I miss someone please don’t be offended shoot me an email or leave a comment I would be glad to add you.  Note: This post is based on Saturday’s events.

I arrived at Podcamp at around 9:20AM, went over to the Marriott where my friends Lenny (Wirelesspacket) and Preston (FourOnes) of The Leet Geeks were staying.  Shortly after meeting up with them I got a call from Alana Taylor who was letting me know she was there, who I joined up with as well.

Alana and I attended the same sessions – she even took pictures which you can find on her blog.  She is great, very smart and really into the world of technology especially web services.  I’ll quote her here: “I’m not really that techie, but I seem to use more of these services than anyone else here.” – I’d have to agree with that.  Every poll that anyone took she had either played with or uses that service – some of them I haven’t even used or heard of myself.  She was a great person to have had attended Podcamp with.

Lenny and Preston are extremely great guys, very knowledgeable and informative.  I loved their input and spending time with them at the different session on both Friday and Saturday.  Thank you Lenny for informing me and getting me to go to this event it was well worth it.

I was also fortunate enough to meet up with Adam Ostrow the Editor in Chief at Mashable.  Adam provided me with excellent insight and tips on getting a startup recognized all of which I will using at the launch of my own when the time comes.  Thank you Adam your advice was extremely useful.

Drew Olanoff who I was also lucky enough to become friendly with is just an all around great guy.  He definitely is passionate about his projects and work – ReadBurner.  Check out a piece of Drew’s session here.  I will have Drew on Call For Help tomorrow to discuss ReadBurner – so check that out live at 2-3PM EST.

I was also able to catch up with Walt Ribeiro who is now officially my new music teacher.  Walt is probably one of the most enthusiastic teachers and people I have ever met.  Keep an eye on him and his live show on Ustream it’s going to be huge.

These people made a huge impression on me and I only hope I can keep in touch with all of them.  Thank you for hanging out with me, you guys are awesome!

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