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Digsby the IM + Email + Social Networks instant messaging client – the true all-in-one IM – seriously.  Forget Trillian.  I first heard of Digsby while I reading a TechCrunch story a number of months ago and noticed one of the comments mentioned this IM client called Digsby, it caught my attention and I began to eagerly await this new applications release to the public (it was in private beta at the time).

When Digsby was released to the public I immediately downloaded it, installed it, and began my testing.  I must say, the interface is sleek, clean, and customizable – all pluses for me.  Contact management is excellent, much better than Pidgin’s for example, where if you had multiple accounts on AIM and added your contacts to more than one of those accounts you would end up with multiple listings of one contact.  I much prefer the way Digsby and Trillian handle contacts because they have a single listing and allow you to select which name you want to IM the contact with.  I also love the number of protocols and features Digsby has support for in their client.  They recently were able to implement Facebook Chat into their client.  Of course, they support the typical AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ, and Google Talk but they also have support for Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook meaning you can have Digsby display all of your updates from each service if you choose.  Digsby also allows you to add email accounts as well.

However, while all that good is there I do have a major issue at the moment with Digsby and I am hoping that they can fix it or assist me (if it’s on my end) after I show them this post via Twitter.   The problem I am having with Digsby and I know I am not alone in this is that I frequently am disconnected from particular IM services throughout the day – mainly AIM and MSN.  I am constantly getting disconnected and reconnected all the time.  It annoys me and I am sure people who have me added as a contact aren’t too pleased with me constantly signing on and off.

I would love to continue to use Digsby as my client of choice for well, everything, I just need to get this sorted out first.

Has anyone else experienced any issues with connectivity while using Digsby?  Leave a comment!

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