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If you’ve ever experienced frustration with how you browse the web on a smartphone or tablet, you’re not alone. Finding just the right link or button to share an interesting article or buy an item from a web store is often just cumbersome enough to make you put the phone down and wait until you get back to your desk—or worse, forget that you were even going to bother in the first place. Those are the kinds of irritating encounters that, a “dynamic web layer” developed by Israeli tech company MySiteApp, is looking to eliminate. And with the company’s announcement today that its both raised another $1 million in funding and that its teamed up with open source e-commerce platform PrestaShop,’s in a better position than ever to actually do it.

“When you see a door, you know how to use it,” explains MySiteApp’s CEO, Gal Brill. “However, there is no ‘door’ in the mobile web. The mobile web as of now is lacking consistency—for example, you never know where and how to share something from a mobile page, and if you found it, it’s very bad on the user expanse side.”

That’s where comes in.

“ is the ‘door,’” continues Brill. “It’s a floating menu that holds all the tools you need, it’s always waiting for you in the same place, and it’s fun to use.”

When a site installs the plug-in, users browsing the site will be able to pull up a sleek-looking overlay that gives options to share on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, save pages to a reading list for later, and even use an integrated shopping cart.’s seems like a great example of an app that looks to unite all the important mobile experiences in one place.

Take a look and see for yourself:

Launched in 2010, MySiteApp has already raised $3.2 million in capital. And with the extra million dollars in funding, is going to keep developing and innovating with its app in order to “show the world what needs to be done in mobile browsing,” says Brill. And its partnership with PrestaShop is going to help connect customers and merchants no matter where they are:

“PrestaShop saw the potential for improving e-commerce on mobile web by using,” says Brill. “We’re starting with a unique mobile e-commerce cart that will do wonders for the abandonment cart problem, and then we will introduce a lot of more innovations to mobile e-commerce to help the merchant to improve sales on its mobile website.”

With today’s announcement, it’s clear that is working hard to become a major player in the mobile browsing business. And with smart-device sales and usage continuing to rise year after year, it’s a very good business to be in. I wouldn’t be surprised to find on more than a few mobile sites in the weeks and months to come. This is one to watch, for sure.

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