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It can be hard to keep track of the Bitcoin world because of the rate at which cryptocurrency keeps growing. It’s not just Bitcoin itself but the technology behind it that has captured worldwide attention. Fortunately, there is no shortage of websites providing data to help track Bitcoin exchanges and understand more about the ever-moving and changing Bitcoin environment.

Investors have the opportunity to use a diversity of methods to analyze and interpret data from blockchain ledgers. The higher their understanding, the more informed investment decisions they can make.

When users think about having to monitor the Bitcoin blockchain, they are often intimidated. It becomes more comfortable if they know what they’re supposed to look for and where to find it. The fact that websites are specialized makes this a little more comfortable. Blockchain explorers allow users to explore the blockchain ledger. Other websites offer statistics charts and plotting tools to follow the movements of Bitcoin.  Node counters provide a way to analyze the infrastructure of the blockchain network.

Blockchain Explorers

Block Explorer can be extremely useful to Bitcoin users because they identify every transaction that has taken place since the beginning of the distributed ledger.

This is one of the oldest blockchain explorers. It allows users to examine transactions, view a Bitcoin address, the fees paid with transactions and the number of confirmations for a transaction.  The most popular statistics include daily transaction count, average block size and the price per BTC. This tends to be the go-to website for users to look up Bitcoin wallet transactions and addresses.

This website is easy to navigate, and its homepage shows block feed in real-time. Users can use a built-in calendar to search blocks. All the general statistics such as public addresses, transaction details and confirmations are available. It also shows historic fees trends, current best transaction fees, and unconfirmed transactions.  A cool feature is that it keeps track of every mention of a particular Bitcoin public address.

OXT (Open Exploration Tool)

OXT is like an interactive map of the Bitcoin blockchain. It was designed as a desktop rich application, and not for use on Smart Phones or Tablets. It can do what all the other explorers do, allowing users to search for a block, a transaction or an address but it also has plotting and charting tools for users to analyze behavior types. Its temporal charts cover scripts, transactions, fees, and more. It even provides scatter plots for some unique insights into transaction behaviors.

Plotting Tools and Network Statistics

These websites offer pricing charts as well as comprehensive past and real-time Bitcoin statistics. 

This website provides plenty of real-time Bitcoin network statistics and users can create their custom dashboards from available statistics. These dashboards are not currently storable, but this function may be added in the future. The individual dashboards can show bandwidth usage, node counts, mempool data, system metrics and more.

Bitcoin Wisdom

Pricing charts are the most popular feature of this website. It tracks the price of Bitcoin on several exchanges such as Bitstamp, Kraken, BTCC, and Bitfinex. The site also compares Bitcoin prices with other currencies such as Bter on these exchanges. It also offers more than just price data, providing statistics such as current and past hash rates and network difficulty.


Tradeblock offers comprehensive statistical network data. It has many charts providing past and present Bitcoin statistics. Users can see charts of statistics such as transaction count, blocks mined and mempool count. It also provides monitoring data for Ethereum for those who are interested.


If users want to visualize the flow of Bitcoin quickly, this is the site to use.  This website uses visualization tools to show the path of Bitcoin as it travels through the blockchain. Apart from explicit visualizations, the site provides useful metrics, analysis of patterns and intelligence that can be put to use.

Node Explorers

These sites offer users the opportunity to analyze the infrastructure of the blockchain network. They can see current data on specific nodes and network node activity.

Coin Dance

Coin Dance believes in empowering their users and democratizing the world of Bitcoin. This website has become about more than just statistics although it offers plenty of statistics too. Users can view historical price movements, information about block size, and a number of blocks mined. They can check worldwide Bitcoin statistics and see a summary of Bitcoin nodes. Bitcoin volume charts show how trading has changed and they are updated weekly.

Users of the site can play blockchain poker, personalize their wallet with a custom address and view the latest support for various Bitcoin protocols and proposals in the politics and opinion section.


If users want to see Bitcoin prices on different exchanges, Bitcoinity provides this option. They can also compare it with other currencies.  It allows users to customize their experiences, using various preferences. They are able to select price precision, hide smaller trades, and show prices in mBTC or BTC.


This is another well-known node tracking site that enables users to visualize and estimate the size of the Bitcoin network.  Its graphs and charts show network node activity and users can see the current network or data on the status of a specific node. It also displays other nodes than just Bitcoin Classic.

A constantly changing playing field

The Bitcoin investment playing field is constantly changing, and investors need to stay abreast of the changes. The new tools made available by the development of technology have made it possible to gather, sort, visualize and analyze vast amounts of data and the Bitcoin environment lends itself to these quantitatively-focused tools. None of the websites mentioned above go about monitoring in quite the same way. However, their diversity is key to gaining a comprehensive picture.

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