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Apple TV is a pretty popular product that’s been around for a good long time, but as great as it is, it doesn’t do much that other devices don’t – in short, you can watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and a whole bunch of other on-demand content providers. But a new report out of Re/code today says that Apple is talking with television content providers for something bigger.

According to the report, Apple is looking to provide an “over the top” television service akin to the one that Sony unveiled back in November, called PlayStation Vue. Apparently, Apple will put programming “bundles” together, and then sell those bundles to consumers along with its signature takes on user interface and features.

As of now, the discussions are so early that there are no details regarding pricing or release date information, but considering that Apple spawned the current model of connecting users with digital media content in the form of the original iTunes, chances are good that the company would be able to find a fair amount of success as a result. Moreover, while Apple TV has far more competition than it ever had before in the form of Nexus Players, Fire TVs, Rokus, and the like, Apple TV is still one of the most popular set top boxes around. It’s not clear whether or not this particular service would be beamed to customers through Apple TV exclusively, but either way, Apple has a pretty huge pre-installed customer base to work with.

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out – but it seems likely that we won’t hear another peep about it for some time. With the Apple Watch coming down the pike in just a few months, and rumors swirling of an iPad Pro and a revamped Macbook Air, Apple has plenty of new goodies to whet fans’ appetites.

[Source: Re/code]

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