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Apple’s latest beta of iOS 8.2 has revealed some interesting tidbits about the company’s upcoming wearable, Apple Watch.

apple-logo-300x180According to BGR, leaked settings in beta 5 of iOS 8.2 show that the mobile operating system will let you customize some of the Apple Watch’s functionality right from your phone. Highlights include adding up to 12 friends for quick calling and messaging from the watch, and customizing the way alerts arrive — whether you want the device to “mirror” your iPhone and send exactly what your iPhone is getting, or if you’d rather be more selective with what comes to your wrist.

There will undoubtedly be more to the Apple Watch’s integration with the iOS family of products, which we’ll probably learn about as we approach the release of iOS 8.2 and the launch of the Apple Watch in April.

I’m still torn about whether or not the Apple Watch is something I’m willing to throw down $350 for. I’ve been a big Pebble fan since acquiring one back in September 2013, and while it can’t make calls or integrate with my iPhone in a more significant way, it’s able to send notifications and control music, and the battery lasts for a few days at a time.

My feelings could change by the time Apple gives us an updated look at the device — either next month or early April, if I had to guess. If the battery is improved from the rumored one day, and Apple can show me how the device fits into my life (outside of fringe use cases like calling someone from my wrist), I could be swayed.

Perhaps another leak from the next iOS beta will do the trick.

[Source: BGR]

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