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Ever since Google confirmed that Android 5, aka Lollipop, would begin hitting Nexus devices starting on Monday, I’ve been repeatedly refreshing my phone’s system update button. “It’ll just happen any minute!” I’ve been telling myself. But after two days of nothing, I began to sense something was off – and it seems I was right to suspect, since new reports claim that Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices won’t be seeing the Android 5 update until next week.

A post on PhoneArena reports that Google has pushed back the release of Lollipop until November 12 – a week from today – due to some bugs that still need squashing. Of course, it’s possible that information might not be as good as gold, as Google has yet to officially say the update is delayed until next Wednesday. Moreover, the source that PhoneArena cites – a post on the Google+ account of Artem Russakovskii – has since been deleted. Does this mean that Lollipop’s delay has been, uh, undelayed?

As it stands, Nexus 6 smartphones are selling like hotcakes, while plenty of folks have yet to receive their Nexus 9 tablets that were pre-ordered on the Google Play Store. It’s entirely possible that Google is holding the new Android back from older devices until users manage to get their hands on the company’s new flagship Nexus devices.

That makes me sad – I was really looking forward to playing around with the new operating system this week. Even still, I suppose if I have to wait another week, I can deal. I GUESS.

[Source: PhoneArena]

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