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In the wake of disappointing mobile sales, a design team shakeup, and Apple eating its lunch, Samsung is reportedly going back to the drawing board for the newest iteration of its flagship smartphone, as details of the Galaxy S6 have leaked on the web. Codenamed “Project Zero,” the S6 will supposedly be a reinvention of the company’s Galaxy S line, and will hopefully help Samsung reclaim the mobile throne.

According to insiders cited by a post on SamMobile, the Galaxy S6 will offer up a Quad HD display, specifically measuring in at 2560×1440 resolution. The rear camera will be somewhere between 16 megapixels or 20 megapixels, while the front-facing camera will be 5 megapixels. Looking inside, the S6 will have three different storage flavors, including 32, 64, and 128 GB models. The post also claims the new phone will feature a 64-bit Exynos 7420 processor, though it’s not so sure about RAM, offering a guess of 3 GB.

Strangely absent from the post, however, is discussion of the Galaxy S6’s chassis. Considering the flak Samsung routinely takes for draping its devices in plastic, the company might do well to go with metal this time around. That’s what they’re doing with the A3 and A5 smartphones, which were just announced last week, so if those do a bit better, that might be all Samsung needs to forge ahead with metal.

On the subject of the operating system, I’m still of the opinion that Samsung would do well to tread very carefully with its TouchWiz modifications of Android 5, aka Lollipop. The new version of Android is earning pretty solid reviews, so the less Samsung does to screw with it, the better. Personally speaking, I’ve had nothing but heartbreak when it comes to TouchWiz, so perhaps using high-end components and leaving the OS alone could be enough to lure Android fans back in.  Just speculating there, of course.

The Galaxy S5 was revealed in February this past year, with an April release, so don’t be surprised to see a similar schedule happening for the Galaxy S6.

[Source: SamMobile]

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