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When Instagram made photo filters popular, it was only a matter of time before a company tried to bring a similar concept to video. That brought us Viddy, an app for both iOS and Android that enabled users to share filtered videos with one another.

Unfortunately, bad news has come out of the Viddy camp this morning.

viddy-appTechCrunch is reporting, via App Advice, that Viddy is set to shut down on December 15. If you go to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, you won’t find Viddy in either one — it was removed from both on November 4. The service will continue to function for another month so that those who already have the app installed can continue to use it, though a better idea would be to use Viddy’s export tool and find a new place to share videos.

That’s not all that’s biting the dust. Two other apps that came out of parent company Supernova (which was acquired by Fullscreen for $20 million earlier in 2014) will also be shut down: Epic, an app for sharing slow motion video; and Clique, a messaging app.

Viddy seemed like the natural evolution of video sharing apps, and at one point, had 50 million users. But a couple things torpedoed Viddy’s chances in the market, the most obvious being Instagram’s expansion into video. Once Instagram decided it wanted to work its magic on more than still images, Viddy’s days were suddenly numbered. When the company behind the app sold to Fullscreen, its $20 million asking price was lower than the company’s $30 million fundraising round in 2012.

And now Viddy will disappear completely; a sad exit for an app that, at one time, seemed like it had the potential to be the app for mobile video sharing. Instead, Instagram and Vine now own that space, and neither show signs of slowing.

Will you miss Viddy? Leave your thoughts below.

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