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Yesterday I had jury duty for the first time in my life. Yesterday was also the day I was expecting my Milanese Loop band to be delivered from Apple. So as you can imagine the fact that I knew when I got home yesterday I’d be welcomed by my shiny brand new Apple Watch band is what kept me sane throughout the day at jury duty.


Anyway, at about 3PM I got a notification saying it had been delivered. Yay! When I finally got home, I went directly to the package room and started looking around for the delivery…only I couldn’t find it. Immediately I thought the worst: someone either mistakenly took it and I have to wait for them to realize and put it back or the delivery person didn’t actually deliver it or any other of number of possibilities. Needless to say, I was mad. So mad in fact, I started calling the delivery company and also started a chat with Apple support at the same time.

While I waited for the delivery company to pick up the phone, I began chatting with a woman at Apple named Holly. Here’s our correspondence:



apple-customer-service-3At no point during my chat with Holly did the delivery company pick up the phone, but I’m sure if they did it wouldn’t have been nearly as pleasant to talk to them as it was to talk to Holly. So, thank you Holly. Thank you.


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