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If you are like me, you recently got your shiny Apple Watch and can’t stop playing with it. But what if you want to share a particular screen with someone or send a screenshot of what you see on your Apple Watch screen? There has to be a way to do a screenshot on an Apple Watch, right? Yep, there is and I’m going to share how to do it with you.

Here’s how you take a screenshot on an Apple Watch

Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch and then while you are holding the side button immediately press and release the Digital Crown.

Your Apple Watch screen should flash and make a noise indicating the screenshot was taken. You can then find the screenshot in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Note: If you hold the side button for too long, your Apple Watch will ask you if you want to power off the device, so be sure to do the button combination quickly.

Image courtesy of Apple.
Image courtesy of Apple.


And just to prove it works, here are some screenshots I took of my Apple Watch.


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