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In the past, playing video games was stigmatized as a bad activity. Parents typically emphasized their children to play physical games rather than holding joysticks in front of screens. Without any worthwhile proof, so many bad things were associated with video games.

Thankfully, it is not the case anymore. As years have elapsed by, people have started to realize, the real worth of video games. There are so many reasons, backed by elaborative studies, which encourage us to play video games.

Still skeptical?

We will tell, why gaming is perfect for you.

  1. Slow down mental age

None can deny, we age with time. No matter how balanced your diet is or how regularly you hit the gym, the body eventually gets fragile and week.

Likewise, the mind also goes through the same aging process. That’s precisely why older people have a hard time with things like recalling names of relatives or even remembering what they had in the breakfast.

A study conducted at the University of Iowa reflected that video games could offer high resistance in the process of mental aging. The research, based on 651 people, found out that playing a video game for ten hours slowed the mental decline quite alarmingly in people age 50 and above.

Just like our body, our mind also needs specific exercises to stay in shape, and video games, by and large, seem to possess all these necessary ingredients.

  1. Improve decision making

Over the years, video games have become very competitive. Especially after the introduction of online gaming platforms like Unlimited Gamez mo. Take any popular game of the modern era; almost all of them are fast-paced.

The players can’t afford to adopt a laidback sort of approach. The gamers are required to think quickly and even anticipate the foreseeable future events to emerge as victors.

All this enables us to think in split seconds. A comprehensive study published in Wire also confirms this claim. The findings also unfold that people who play action games are better at decision making compared to those who play other types of games.

Quick decision making is a blessing. Be it your academic, professional or personal life, being quick on your feet is undoubtedly going to chip in everywhere. If you are super-skillful, you might as well turn a professional gamer and learn how to make money from playing video games.

  1. Keep dyslexia at bay

Experts of the opinion, dyslexic kids, have a hard time to read partly because they have to shift their attention from one word to another quickly. Due to their concentration lapses, speed and accuracy are often compromised.

In accordance with well-documented research published in Current Biology, dyslexia might be healed through video games.

Researchers found that in the initial stage, dyslexic kids are particularly vulnerable to visual attention. Therefore, introducing video games in the earlier phase of their treatment might have long term positive effects to improve their reading skills.

Fast-moving games are beneficial to enhance visual attention because they always keep you on the toes. Events can dramatically turn against you in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the research team concluded that such games as a healthy practice for dyslexic kids.

  1. You become a better team player

Earlier video games were criticized for isolating people. Because they restricted us from going out and socializing. However, things have changed today. Multiplayer video games have been playing a fair role in connecting people.

No matter if your friend is sitting miles away from you, as long as he has a mobile phone and access to a decent internet connection, you can team up with him and play your favorite video game.

You can even hook up with unknown people and eventually become good friends. Teamwork is an essential component of our life. Of late, many professions have become teamwork-centric. So, if you play video games, the odds are, you are likely to cooperate better with the people in your circle.

  1. Boost creativity

A comprehensive study was conducted by Michigan State University, which revealed that playing video games can enhance creativity, regardless of the type of video games one plays. It is totally up to you whether you play puzzles or action-packed games.

500 video game players, aging 12, volunteered in the research. The conclusion was drawn that gamers perform better when it comes to creative stuff like painting and crafting stories.

  1. Enhance hand-eye coordination

All human beings are typically encompassed with hand-eye coordination. It helps us to keep up with our routine life. At the same time, numerous professions require above-average hand-eye coordination. Such jobs include assemblers, physicians, commercial pilots, athletes, and so on.

If you want to pursue your career in the above fields, video games can be helpful to upscale your hand-eye coordination. That’s what the scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch have unearthed.

According to the outcome of their experiment, the students of high school excelled at various hand-eye coordination tests because they play video games for two hours regularly on average.

  1. Infuse risk-taking ability

If you peek inside the life of successful businessmen, politicians, sportspeople, etc., you will discover one common thing among all of them. That is, they must have taken calculated risk in one or the other stage of their lives. Games aren’t too different than our life. You can’t be rewarded with a victory unless you venture to take calculated risks.

As you progress in a game, you are required to take bigger risks to qualify for the next round. Put, video games give you a pro-risk personality. Be it any field, given the cut-throat competition of the modern world, being proactive to risks will surely take you a long way.

Wrapping up

The debate about whether games are good or bad for mental as well as physical health has begun to fade away.

Unlike the past, parents have adopted a more progressive approach towards video games because in this digitized era, everyone has access to the studies which greatly unfold the benefits of video games.

Coming to end, break the ice and tell us your favorite video game?

Oh, it just takes a few nanoseconds to comment.

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