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The amazing world of social media is a place of dank memes, hilarious videos, amazing visual graphics and more. Everyone who’s not living in a rock finds themselves signing up for an account in various social media platforms because of the entertainment, the updates and the engagement. If you are a business owner or a social media manager, planning and strategizing your content for the upcoming year is one task you need to look forward to. Are you excited to know what’s in store and what social media trends you need to know so that you can conceptualize for your brand? Read on to find out.

Individual Interactions are Favored

Going back to its roots, the creation of social media was to connect people personally and establish individual connections. However, as time passed by, social media became an avenue for the masses. It began catering to the demands of the majority instead of going with the original purpose of its creation.

As predicted, this perception is now shifting back to its original disposition. Now, people are all about the personal and chosen demographic-directed paid ads, customized customer service, intimate Facebook or Instagram stories, and one is to one ratio of business to consumer messaging.

As the upcoming year approaches, public interactions are lessened despite the staggering number of social media use. Instead, most of this usage is geared towards one private user to another.

Influencer Marketing is Genuine and Authentic

There are a lot of businesses and organizations that rely on influencers for brand visibility, product or service marketing and content creation. But, with the scrutiny of the people and their watchful eyes, they can see forced affiliations and fake partnerships.

In a report by BazaarVoice, 47% of consumers are tired of inauthentic influencer content. People are tired of seeing an influencer being forced into selling something where a real connection cannot be seen.

Just because you attach your brand to an influencer with an astounding number of following won’t make your campaign effective. Partnership and genuine connection must be established.

Establishing a Human Voice for Your Brands

Wanting to end up at the top of your competition and making an impact online may overwhelm you, leading you to lose track of the basics of human interaction. It is crucial to remember that your social media pages are your organization’s humanized extension of the brand. Therefore, you can make your followers love your brand by making them feel that they are relatable and that you can understand them.

Social Media Being a Part of Your Job

Since social media platforms have been an integral part of businesses everywhere, there is an inevitability that employees will have to use their own social media accounts to reinforce their brand’s pages. In an astonishing discovery, it was found that 45% of customers online would research about a product or a service, if that brand’s employee posted about that particular product or service.

The Continued Rise of B2B Marketing

Social media marketers will have to invest in their strategies to be more effective. One method of doing so is using B2B content marketing and the best social media aggregator that suits your pages perfectly. The unique thing about B2B content marketing is that every strategy is treated as unique as their target demographics. The social media aggregator, on the other hand, collates all the content you need in a single feed so you can easily post or manage them in one go. After all, when it comes to social media marketing, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Increase in Use of and Creation of Messaging Apps

As mentioned earlier, despite the growing number of social media usage per day, the actual platform itself is not being utilized as much as it used to before. Instead, people are now relying on their messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more. What makes these apps more engaging to users is that it comes with exciting features that let people interact much like how social media platforms would yet it doesn’t come with the additional fuss. With this in mind, social media marketers have new opportunities and challenges presented to them for the upcoming year.

Impressive as it may seem, the dynamics of social media changes because the people that use it, do. Without the ever-changing demand, desires and wants of the community, social media would cease to exist. As a marketer, you can only use this guide for your plans, yet you’ll have to be flexible in dealing with the social media needs of your own demographic. 


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