Do you love gaming? Well, did you know there are various ways you can make money from enjoying your favorite hobby? What’s more, each career opportunity requires a variety of skills so there’s a good chance you could find one that suits you. From writing to live streaming and competitive play, here’s how you could be raking in extra cash by playing video games. 


If you’ve got a passion for writing as well as video gaming, then there’s a chance you could be missing out on making a fair bit of money from video game journalism. Writing news and reviews about your favorite titles and online games is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. Why not try working as a freelancer and pitch ideas surrounding your most-loved genres, games and topics to website editors? Or, if you’re looking for something full time, then why not create your own site entirely? Starting up a blog with breaking news and honest reviews could see advertisers lining up to show their products on your site which in turn will line your pockets. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy mass multiplayer games or the free slots at, if you find it inspiring, write about it. 

Live streaming

This requires a fair amount of gaming prowess and is already a very crowded sphere. There are tons of gamers out there live-streaming their play and many rarely see viewing figures in the double digits. That said, if you are world-class gamer, you give a unique perspective on titles or you are playing rare games, you’ll probably have a better chance at making a bit of money from it. Try live-streaming your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube Gaming and see what kind of audience numbers you get. At the end of the day, you’ll only be earning money from advertisers or if viewers choose to pay to subscribe to your channel so audience numbers are essential.

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Competitive gaming

Another particularly difficult area to get into, but probably the most fun of them all, is competitive gaming. Just imagine yourself traveling around the globe, showing off your skills at some of the most hotly-contested tournaments out there. The more popular the game, the larger the prize and the harder the competition will be. If you’re good enough at your chosen title to join an esports organization then you’ll be able to enter into various tournaments.

Through prize money and any sponsorship deals it is possible to earn a good living. However, it’s definitely not the most secure career path in the video game industry. Even the best players can be knocked out in the early stages of a competition. What’s more, wages often barely cover the cost of travel and accommodation when traveling to the various venues.

Create tutorials

A great way to share your skills and expertise, as well as making a little bit of extra money, is by creating tutorials for your favorite games. New players often turn to the internet to get a few extra tips before giving titles a try so it’s your chance to show them exactly what the game has to offer. By creating online written guides, videos, and how-to’s, you can get your hands on some extra money through any ads hosted on your site. However, be aware that this not only requires second-to-none gaming skills but strong communication skills and some knowledge of web publishing.

Selling in-game items

Selling in-game items is another way to raise some dough. In particular, CS:GO skins cost real money (if you didn’t know that). Skins prices start from one cent and go beyond thousands of dollars. 

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There are many different marketplaces, where you can earn real money in exchange on your skins. A record price for an in-game item in CS:GO is AWP Dragon Lore with Skadoodle signature, which was bought for the record amount of $61,052, after Cloud9 won a Boston Major 2018. 

Steam doesn’t give an opportunity to withdraw real money. But it’s not a problem, because there are pretty amount of solutions. For example, you can sell your CS:GO skins and withdraw real money on one of the external marketplaces. It’s fast, easy and convenient. This is the way how many gamers around the world earn cash for playing.

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