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UX or user experience is all about how the consumer feels when interacting with a website. That does not only include ease of use and efficiency of the website but also includes interactions and experiences with the product.

Here are 7 examples of websites with good UX:

1.      Duolingo

With Duolingo users can subscribe to learn a new language. The website has been designed to allow interested parties to get started with just three easy questions and no commitments. When compared to some of its competitors, who require users to decide, pay and sign up for an account before getting started, Duolingo has made the whole process seamless so that users don’t tire and drop out before even trying it. By just answering three questions users on the platform can start learning a language and have set a goal. They can then sign up and pay just the type of ease that the consumer expects to have these days.

2.      Rover

Reviews are important in building trust and this is the concept used by Rover who has the important task of assuring pet owners that their pets will be well-cared for if they need to go away. People looking for a sitter can easily pick one from the site and book. What is important to users is that they can first read the reviews before deciding. While they are away pet owners receive daily updates, which include photos.

3.      Mailchimp

Mailchimp makes it a fun and interactive experience for people to manage their email marketing with their mascot. As people go about doing their work, they feel like they have a team member keeping them company because Freddie or if you want, Frederick von Chipenheimer IV adds humor and an emotional connection with the users the whole time that they are on the interface.

4.      PayPal

Since 2014 PayPal has been simplifying its complex website for a far better user experience. The world’s largest online payment system has implemented these changes on its mobile app too which has become a breeze to use. By replacing the original complex design, the company has upped its UX and simplicity is evident in the reduction of content, positioning of information and the time saved by the user. PayPal users can now see all their transactions clearly and in an easy to read format.

5.      Simple

By literally keeping it Simple the bank has managed to differentiate itself from other banks. Their customer service is superb and the brand has created a personality with its own unique sense of humor. The website and app design offer absolute clarity of the user’s finances and is easy to use. Account-holders can also create a Safe to Spend amount by deducting bills and goals from their income, this clarity makes for an excellent online banking user experience. By using design simplicity and ensuring that they offer users the most important information Simple stands out.

6.      Yelp

Making it easy to find things is what Yelp is all about. It also gets many other things right ensuring that it has a place on this list. Smart defaults ensure that the user’s current location is taken into consideration for a search and a list of frequently searched options is also visible. Once a search result is visible the user can use further filters and see reviews about places. Because Yelp uses Google Maps, users can easily navigate with it and they can also find places easier if they have a specific geographical location in mind. Once on the location page users have access to all the information they need about a specific place, including directions, operating hours and even menus. Yelp is about to roll out pickup and delivery making the life of its users so much easier.

7.      Amerisleep

The website of Amerisleep follows several UX principles. Reviews are present on the site and they are very easy to find and read helping to build customer trust.  An easy to navigate website, Amerisleep allows the user to find exactly what they want and to proceed with the purchase. A chatbot is available to answer any queries which addresses the need of consumers to have someone by their side to guide them as they make their choice and purchases, making the user experience more personal.

Sleep technology and the comfort of each mattress type is highlighted and the website makes it easy for the consumer to find all the information relevant to their purchase without needing to navigate endless pages.

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