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There is more needed than just the looks of a landing page to help it convert for a business. By combining a few key elements into a landing page and ensuring that the traffic is made up of qualified visitors then they can have a higher percentage than the average of approximately 4%.

Amazing landing pages need a strong image or video, an obvious call to action, the use of a compelling header and sub-header, an outline of the features and benefits, and some form of social proof.

These are 7 examples of high conversion landing pages and what they are doing right:

1.      edX

With a conversion rate of 52.68% edX is in the education industry and offers online courses. They chose to place a simple message on their landing page that offers a few precise points about what can be learned from the course.

Their reasoning behind keeping the message so simple was that no matter how much they babbled on about what the course offers, the extra information would not convince people to take it and would be a wasted effort. 

2.      Simply Business

The insurance industry has a vast array of products and the legal terminology behind them are often too complex for most people to understand. Simply Business has a conversion rate of 62,26% and their success lies in how they present their products in a way that’s easy for people to understand.

Their introduction appeases the concerns people have about the cost and difficulty of getting insured. People are offered with the bulleted steps to an easy sign-up and then they are given a call to action where they then proceed to fill in their details, a little more challenging by now, but at this stage, most users are convinced enough proceed further.

3.      The Listing Lab

Featuring a simple design, this website for realtors shows all the information a visitor needs on the landing page with no need to scroll down. Even though there is quite a bit of text it is has been effectively arranged and condensed to look neat and uncrowded.  The text is bold, the call to action nicely pointed out and easy to find.

The content offers alternatives to problems faced by realtors in copy that is benefit-oriented convincing the user to read the guide and improve their business. Their privacy statement is casual, yet instills confidence.

4.      TyresOnTheDrive

This landing page offers clarity and the user can instantly see that they don’t have to go out of their way to have their tires changed but TyresOnTheDrive will go to them. Once again benefit-oriented advertising is creating the conversions rather than offers.

They also take the opportunity to use their landing page to back their service with social proof.

5.      Extreme Lounging

Extreme Lounging proves how a simple landing page can be extremely effective as well. Nothing other than a huge image, a headline and an email form that prompts visitors to subscribe and stand a chance to win a chair from their limited edition. The concept is simple: a giveaway campaign is used to create leads. The message is just as simple: Visitors exchange their email for the chance to win the chair they desire.

6.      Twillory

This shirt company has a conversion rate of 46,85% and is a firm believer in offering its mobile visitors custom experiences. Most consumers make their first contact with brands on their phones and most online audiences are now on mobile.

Twillory has created a separate experience for its mobile users and while its desktop landing page uses elements like videos and GIFs to drive conversions, its mobile version is leaner but just as appealing and has a fast loading speed.

7.      BestMattressBrand

 BestMatressBrand’s land page leaves no doubt in the user’s mind that this is where they will find a good mattress, base, and bedding for their new bedroom. Their landing page has a high conversion rate and this can be attributed to several reasons. It uses a captivating image and outlines the benefits of buying from the website in a concise and organized format with bold print with a header and sub-header.

 Like most high converting landing pages, BestMattressBrand uses social proof on their landing page in the form of a few well-placed reviews that draw the visitor’s attention. Their call to action is cleverly placed, offers a chance to win one of the premium mattresses if the user registers.

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