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E-commerce websites need to capture the attention of their visitors and provide them with a sense of belonging and community. Clever website design drives traffic and increases business growth because it creates a great user experience through brand consistency.

The best e-commerce sites are kept simple and branding has been given top priority. They are designed for easy navigation and their designers make use of bold colors and clear images. Content is easy and quick to read and purchases are a breeze to complete. Reviews increase visibility and they need to be in a prominent place, while it’s also essential that they work as mobile.

Here are seven examples of good e-commerce sites:

1.      Bliss

The Bliss website is fresh and simple, while it also manages to capture the feel of cleanliness in keeping with the skincare products that it sells. It uses a fantastic color scheme, photos, graphics and gifs all encourage the online visitor to explore even further and to purchase products from the site. Engaging, fun and youthful the site complements the branding perfectly.

2.      Crossrope

The website has been carefully designed to not only sell the jump rope but to also let fitness enthusiasts know that they are part of a community working toward the same goal. Created to be different the website has managed to achieve a fresh approach that is inviting and lets the visitor immediately know what is been sold.

The designers achieved this with buy ensuring a great layout, to the point content, great images and lots of infographics. These all help to get the brand’s message across and make the visitor feel that they must immediately buy that specific jump rope.

3.      New Chapter

New Chapter uses its content cleverly to provide an interactive and personalized experience for visitors wanting to buy supplements. Great categorization within the website offers visitors ease of navigation so that they can find supplements according to their individual health needs or types of ingredients.

This strategy has worked to its advantage and the website is thriving. User experience is enhanced with A/B testing, something that has increased their conversion optimization to 2%.

The brand emulates digital native brand functionality and the website proves it by being innovative, offers a great user experience and engagement.

4.      Cutter & Buck

The Cutter & Buck clothing store makes the whole experience of navigation, shopping, and checkout simple but has also cleverly highlighted its diverse collections for men and women. The successful use of mega menus is important for a website with so many categories. Their search, filtering, and recommendations are perfect for an e-commerce store and consumers can easily navigate the store as the choose their clothing items. The layout makes for easy management of across channel branded campaigns.

5.      Azteca

The homepage of Azteca Soccer is very versatile as it allows the user to browse the various categories from it and navigate it smoothly. The boutique design of the homepage uses the stunning lifestyle and product photographs of the products making the page alive with color.

6.      The Mountain

Easy navigation for customers is essential because this e-commerce company has a lot of products that require a superior content management system in place. The Mountain was previously a successful Amazon store that wanted to build brand equity.

They have managed to continue their success with the appealing design of their website and by using discounts and promotions in a way that prioritizes their most loyal customers. The Mountain makes use of tools like BigCommerce to create unique coupon codes and create a sense of urgency in their customers, quickly driving them to make a purchase.

7.      Zoma Sleep

The homepage of Zoma Sleep makes the user want to explore the possibilities of getting a better night’s sleep and uses all the principles of good website design. Each section of the home page leads to further exploration and the pictures and graphics have been effectively placed to give the whole page a simple yet interesting appeal. The content is also easy to scan in a few seconds.

 Astute use of color renders a sense of calm and it is fitting for a website that sells beds and mattresses.  The visitor to the website is encouraged to turn their viewing into a purchase by using the promotion code at the top of the webpage. Interestingly the code expires after a few days and there is a digital clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to when it can be redeemed.

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