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There are so many great tools out there that can help you grow your website and/or blog. From website creation, to content creation, to market/audience intelligence, and SEO there are 10^nth tools and services out there that claim to be able to help. We have compiled a list of five areas for you to focus your efforts as well as five tools to get you started.

5 ways to improve your website

Content CreationContent marketing is currently one of the best strategies for many marketers and bloggers. The right tools will allow you to access information on how people consume and interact with the content on your website or blog. According to Jeff O’Brien, Head of Content Marketing at SolidEssay, this type of data will help you to gather information and resources needed to create new content and identify trends that can help you make critical decisions for your blog.

Search Engine Optimization – In order for your website or blog to gain new visits, you have to be found. You need to utilize search engine optimization tools to identify issues on your blog or website and suggest areas and ways for improving your search ranking. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Google’s Webmaster Tools

Website creation – AI makes website creation easier and better by providing tools to offer a way to create fully optimized websites or blogs with minimal effort on your part. 

Real-time personalization – You need to be leveraging data and tools that can help you to provide personalized messages, posts, recommendations, etc. for your blog or website, thus making your audience happy and more likely to continuously read your content.

Accessibility – Ensuring your site is more accessible to people who are visually or hearing impaired will also benefit your site. There are now tools and services that can transcribe videos and turn written content into audio.

Your blog cannot survive without readers, so you have to employ several strategies to bring readers to your blog and to keep them coming back. Now that you know what you need to start exploring, let’s look at some great tools that will help you grow your blog so you not only gain new readers but also keep the established ones coming back for more.

5 tools to grow your blog

Grammarly – Well-written blog posts grab their audience’s attention and make them crave more. In order to write a great blog post, you need a great writing tool. Grammarly is just that. It uses AI to identify grammar and spelling errors while also giving suggestions on how to improve the tone and style of your writing. No writer is complete without a tool like Grammarly.

CrayonCrayon is used to track what the competitor is doing. It analyzes data from online sources, tracks the activity of your competitors’ websites and provides useful insight for your business. These can be used to help make meaningful business decisions about what to write, how to post and so much more. Be sure to try this tool for your own blog and see how much a difference it makes.

Uberflip – This is a great tool for analyzing your written content and cataloging it. It then uses this to recommend specific content to your audience based on posts they have read in the past. Uberflip is a great way to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.

Pathmatics – Do you know how to find your audience online? Knowing this will better enable you to find and target them. If you don’t, try using Pathmatics. It uses AI to provide you with digital advertising information from brands, companies, etc. Use it to identify your competitors and keep track what they are doing, how they are spending their time, etc. It will also tell you how the audience is responding to the ads, thus enabling you to make informed decisions for your own advertising of your blog.

Amanda Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer at ConfidentWriters, recommends to use the information to identify companies or brands that you can align yourself with to get more readers to your blog or even guest blog on their platform. The possibilities for this are endless!

BrightEgde – This tool makes content production easier because it helps with tasks such as adding header tags, cross-linking and optimization. BrightEdge tells you what types of content perform better and suggests ways to rank your written content so that your readers are continuously engaged. Measuring your ROI for your blogging has been made easy because of BrightEdge, so be sure to give it a try.

Daniel Spencer, Content Manager at SwiftPapers, has successfully emphasized that blogging is a way to expand your knowledge and to grow, whether personally or professionally. Whether you do it as a hobby, side job or main job, your blog can only survive if it has readers and if it grows. The tools listed above are great, easy-to-use, and will help you do just that. Be sure to give them a try.

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